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Updated on February 13, 2016
M.W. asks from Flossmoor, IL
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My brother in law and his wife are having boy/girl twins. I want to give them a practical shower gift that they need and will use. I was thinking of putting together a basket full of baby necessities. This is the list of what I'm planning so far:
Triple paste
Thermometer stickers
Boogie wipes
Face wipes
Hand sanitizer
Wash cloths
Gas drops
Gripe water
Nail scissors
Nail file
Nose Frieda
Little noses
Chest rub
Coconut oil
Ice pack

I'm also considering making them a backup diaper bag to keep in their car and would include these things:
Burp cloth
Changing pad
Diaper rash cream
Hand sanitizer
Face wipes
Gripe water
Stain stick
Disposable diaper bags
Wet/dry bag

Would this be completely overkill? Anything you would add or take out? They are first time parents and are overwhelmed already because they know absolutely nothing about babies. I'm not going to be able to help with the babies when they come because the live 3 hours away and I'm not going to to be able to help with food because they eat completely differently than I do and I wouldn't have a clue how to feed them, plus again we are 3 hours away so I want to giv them something really helpful. If you have twins would you have liked this gift? Would you have found it to be really helpful?

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answers from New York on

A gift certificate for a whole house cleaning x3. They can use them monthly.

White singlets for 6-9, 9-12,12-18 months.

A case of wine.

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answers from Rochester on

I would cut down on anything that has an expiration date (like all the medications have). We had several people give us a lot of that and it all expired before we ever needed it. I'm sure we disposed of almost $50 worth of that kind of thing. Many of the things you listed I never used with my babies or found them totally unnecessary: Advil, thermometer stickers, Boogie wipes, gas drops, Gripe water, Orajel, face wipes, coconut oil. My babies never used pacifiers either.

Diapers, baby wipes, butt paste, more diapers, Vaseline, burp clothes, receiving blankets, and more diapers would be my top suggestions. I wouldn't give the backup diaper bag. I went through about four different diaper bags before I found what worked for me.

Give some basics and then in a couple of months ask if there is anything else they need. Then give a second bunch of stuff. More than likely since they are having twins and these are their first babies everyone they know will give them a ton of stuff. In a few months they will have more of an idea of things they need.

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answers from Washington DC on

i didn't read through these entire lists, seems pretty overwhelming to me.
i wouldn't give anything that has expiration dates. you really don't know what medications will be needed.
if the usual cute-clothes-and-diapers (no new parent ever has too many diapers) isn't enough, why not something practical for the parents themselves? a meal service or house-cleaning or something?
trust them to figure out their babies (even inexperienced parents generally do) and help them cope with the rest of life while they do.

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answers from Chicago on

Having twins myself, I went through A LOT of diapers. You could never give enough of those. You could also give clothes (gender neutral so that way they can dress either kid in it). You could give sheets or whipes. Another thing I always appreciated was gift cards to places me and my husband could go out for dinner. Taking care of two newborns was always tireing and it was very useful for those nights when I was too tired to cook.

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answers from Phoenix on

I would think for the future too. I've had two showers. I loved all my tiny baby stuff, I got so much most stuff I didn't use (besides diapers). When I'm invited to a baby shower I buy toddler stuff. Step stools, 3t-4t clothes, appropriate toys for that age, maybe a humidifier, toddler chairs. :)

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answers from San Diego on

I didn't use a lot of that stuff on your list for any of my 3. I did do something very much like this when my brother and sister in law were expecting their child though. My mom and I went to Babies R Us and I picked out all the little things I had actually used for my 3.
I never used half of those meds you listed, no chest rub, orajel, Neosporin, Gripe water or gas drops. I also didn't use ibuprofen (Advil) and only used Tylenol. I never used a stain stick. A wet wipe worked perfectly. I didn't use burp clothes that were marketed as such, I bought Gerber prefold cloth diapers, they worked a whole lot better than burp cloths. I always had some of those disposable paper mats that you can use as changing pads. If a diaper blew out I could put one of those on the seat to get us home so their clean clothes didn't sit on the dirty car seat cover until I could get home and wash it. I could do the same in the stroller. I didn't use pacifiers with any of my 3 either. I never carried that much in my diaper bag, even for a full day trip to Disneyland.

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answers from Orlando on

Lots of diapers in many sizes. Onesies, receiving blankets, spit up cloths, crib sheets, baby towels and wash cloths. I would get things that you go through fast (usually clothes, sheets and diapers), I wouldn't get too much stuff that could expire.

You may also want to give gift certificates for food (take out) or offer time to go over and help out/give mom and dad a break.


Lots of diapers in many sizes. Onesies, receiving blankets, spit up cloths, crib sheets, baby towels and wash cloths. I would get things that you go through fast (usually clothes, sheets and diapers), I wouldn't get too much stuff that could expire.

You may also want to give gift certificates for food (take out) or offer time to go over and help out/give mom and dad a break.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Babies grow up so incredibly fast and a lot of the equipment I was given I ended up not even using. I now give Fisher Price toys for babies age 6 months plus. I remember how my husband and I had to go toy shopping after only a few months and how expensive many of those toys are.

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answers from Honolulu on

I like your idea of a packed diaper bag to keep in the car. That's a nice idea. I guess I would eliminate the thermometer from that list, and the Gripe water, and just keep to the necessities, like some burp cloths, wipes, bibs, stain stick (good idea!), the disposable bags and a few small toys and cloth books. I would just simplify that travel bag so that it's not too difficult to search through. Most of the car situations that happen are diaper leaks, throwing up, smearing food around, and those mysterious dribbles and stains, so just keep it to some spare basic clothes like onesies, something to clean up with, and something different to keep the babies entertained (a toy that they won't be accustomed to in their home). I remember several car trips where speed and efficiency were the most important things - get that baby cleaned up fast before this leaks any further! You might also include baby car shades, and blankets to cover up the car seats to prevent them from getting too hot if the car will be parked in the sun. A designated blanket or cover for that purpose that will stay in the car can be really nice.

As for your other list, it's also very nice and thorough. However, since they're new parents, and not familiar with babies, I'd eliminate the medications. Things like Neosporin aren't used very much with newborns, and Tylenol and Advil should really wait until teething, or when the baby is older. If their babies need any medical intervention, their doctor will guide them. I'd also wait on things like the chest rubs. And try to put all these things in something that will be useful, like a diaper pail, or baby bathtub(s), instead of a basket that will just be one more thing to find space for.

And how about a book for the new mom and dad? Books about what to expect with a newborn, a journal or baby book or photo album, books about caring for multiples, etc.

They're very lucky to have you in their lives!


answers from Boston on

My general feeling about baby gifts is that people get tons of newborn stuff, especially if there have been a few showers, and because it's all such cute stuff for the people purchasing. Then the parents are on their own later on. I never give newborn stuff because they get so much, and big babies can't wear half of it, or they grow out of it so soon. The exception is diapers and cream - they'll go through that stuff really fast.

The 9 month mark was when I kind of hit the wall - we had nothing left of our gifts, and most of the early stuff hadn't been worn that often. One of the most wonderful gifts I got was a snowsuit, 18 month size. There were other clothes at 12, 18 and 24 month sizes that got tucked in the closet, and it was such fun to break them out with tags on them just when I was so sick of everything else!

On your list are things you don't even know if they will use - like chest rub and hand sanitizer which may be too harsh. Boogie wipes and face wipes? Many people just use a washcloth. Not everyone wants to use a pacifier so find out about that (if they know).

Books are always great but do an assortment for different ages. House cleaning services would be glorious if they don't have a cleaning person. So would a few coupons for meal delivery from a local restaurant - can you ask their neighbors what's around and reliable?

I also don't feel that they need to get every gift ahead of time. It's okay to wait and see what they already got. Will you be going to visit them at some point down the road, to meet the babies? Sometimes a gift "after the fact" when they are completely overwhelmed and exhausted and up to their elbows in poopy diapers really can brighten the day. Family is so wonderful at those times because the other more casual friends have sort of moved on now that the excitement has worn off!



answers from Beaumont on

I think it is a perfect gift. Very thoughtful.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I love it and I would add only that the diaper bag must have a few onsies in it. I know from experience that after a diaper blowout, carrying a cold naked (except for diaper) baby out of a store in winter is not fun.
ETA:oh wait I just saw you have sleepers on the list. That would work. Never mind :)



answers from Chicago on

These are wonderful gift ideas. Is this their first children? If so you might want to see if there is a shower and or registry. If there is someone may have given them these items. It doesn't hurt to check. Because while all those things are great, if 4 people get them then a box of diapers might be a better option.

Separate note as far as meals go. While you may not be able to make/take meals gift cards for places they can order in are always hugely appreciated.

You are a great sister in law! Congrats on your new neice and nephew.

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