Who Should We Use to Clean Our Carpets?

Updated on April 12, 2008
T.S. asks from Fox River Grove, IL
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We have hard wood in 95% of our home. The only places that have carpeting are the bedrooms for our boys. The carpeting is about 2.5 years old and yesterday one of our dogs got sick (diarrhea) in our younger son's room. (Why she couldn't go on ANY of the hard floor, I don't know). Well, my husband tried to clean it up with Oxy Clean and our spot remover. It's just not working. We need a professional cleaning. We'd probably get our other sons room done, too and maybe even the couch (why not?).

So, who should we use? What are your experiences with Stanley Steemer, Sears, Whomever? Has anyone had runny dog poop on the carpet and had success with someone getting it out?

Thanks so much.

-Annoyed and grossed out dog owner, T.

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I use to work for a company that used service masters and they are very good company if ihad not seen there work i would not recommend them.

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My cousin Jack owns his own carpet cleaning company called Gaurdian Application Services. He does an amazing job and is reasonably priced. He has been able to get cat hairballs, and throw up out of my carpet as well as when my son threw up on my carpet. He has gotten urine, coffee and black ball point ben out of my cream colored couch. He is amazing. There is no sign of any stains and no lingering smell at all. His number is ###-###-####. Give him a call he is a very sweet guy and an honest hard worker! Tell him that S. Lima referred you. He is quick to get out to you too! Good Luck!



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I just used ServiceMaster to clean our playroom carpet and a recliner. They have a minimum charge of $135, so be sure you get your moneys worth. They did a great job and compared to Sears carpet cleaning...ServiceMaster cleans & disinfects much better. The sooner you have them out, the more likely it is they can get the stain out. Don't let it sit too long. Good luck!


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Ah, fun times!! We use Stanley Steemer to clean our carpets (they're coming next week, in fact!). They do a great job & I like that I can schedule it online. They are very professional, thorough & quick. I've also used SteamMagic and was not nearly as pleased. So, my recommendation would be Stanley Steemer. Also, my mom swears by their Spot Remover for cleaning up stains. It even took red wine out of their brand new carpet, so I'm going to get some of that when they come next week. Good luck...and hope the pup gets better soon!



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We use stanley steemer.....actually need to set up an appointment. But when our dog throws-up or has an accident on our carpets we use a great cleaner. Woolite pet with oxygen. You can get it at target, meijer. Its great.



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I have had my carpets cleaned about 4 times now by a Chem-Dry person. He does a great job and they are reasonable. His business is Chem-Dry by Tom and Tina and the number is ###-###-####. His name is Tom. He will come give an estimate first if you would like. Great guy he owns teh business by himself and does the work. He will work haard to get out anything from the carpets and if it willnto come out he will tell you that too. Good Lcuk.



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I had cat diarrhea in my carpet once. What a fun day. Kids N Pets took care of it. It's at Target in the cleaning section - a big blue & white bottle with a sports bottle top style opening. Otherwise, we haven't used a professional service before, but we have rented the Rug Doctor cleaners from Osco and Home Depot with great success.



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My husband rents the shampooers at Home Depot because it is way cheaper than a service. But if you need a professional...

I have been very happy with ServiceMaster in the past if you want to have it done professionally. I found them especially understanding with regard to pet stains on carpet and furniture and they have certain chemicals for getting that stuff out :-p Service Master will also likely be knowledgeable about your hardwood floors in case you need any of that done as well.

Had Sears in the past and was not comfortable with the people they sent (kind of creepy). They also broke a picture on my wall - and although paid for replacement, I was not happy with their service in general. They were very rushed and in a hurry and careless.

good luck,


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