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Updated on March 01, 2013
L.G. asks from Cheyenne, WY
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I am well into my third trimester and for the past few weeks I've had trouble sleeping through the night, being able to barely sleep 5-6 hrs/night whcih is not like me as I usually sleep 7-8 hrs/night. I usually have no problem falling asleep but after an hour or two I wake up and have trouble falling asleep. I usually take benadryl but it still takes 1-2 hr to be able to fall asleep. I had nights when I literally sleep 2-4 hrs at night and this really alters the quality of life. On top of that, I have night flashes, so I either wake up with sweats mostly on my neck and breast area,either I feel overheated and am sweating while trying to get asleep. The temperature in my room is about 72-73 F and I can't turn it lower as in the other areas of the house it is usually colder and I don't want my family to freeze. My doc said hot flashes at night and day are common and normal as they are due to hormones but it's still uncomfortable.
On top of these, due to a returning nausea, I can't eat that well and started losing wegiht, few pounds over a week, and my doc is not worried about as I gained enough weight during the first two trimesters and they said they look at the overall gain weight.
I am kind of concerned and just wondering whether anybody out there has experience all these during the late second and/or third trimester of pregnancy.

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So What Happened?

I had insomnia with my first born mostly during the first trimester and it was pretty much the same time of the year (late Winter-early Spring) - not sure there's a correlation here. I had hot flashes as well during that pregnancy plus several weeks after I gave birth and few weeks after I stopped breastfeeding). The hot flashes now are not that bad, as I am not waking up soaking in sweat, but as I said, it's still uncomfortable, especially when you can't sleep well anyway. :(

The baby is due on early May.

Thanks everybody for your toughtful insights. As for the heat to turn it down, kind of hard, as my family already complains it's cold in the house when the temperature is 72 F.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Try a fan blowing on you at night. I use a regular old box fan. I like the noise and the breeze. I have it pointed at an angle from kind of by my head, so it blows on my body, not directly on my face and not on my husband.

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answers from Lansing on

I experienced some of the same symptoms in my second pregnancy for the last 4 months of it and then 6 months after I had the baby. I kept the house at 72 for the family, but I slept with both my bedroom windows open just a crack. The cool air helped me sleep, but I still woke up sweating. And I slept on the couch with my legs hanging over the arm rest, it was more comfortable than the bed. And as long as your doctor isnt concerned, you're doing okay. Anything you can stomach to eat will help. You can try some pepto bismol for the nausea. As for sleeping, try anything you can think of: take a bath, read a book, watch a movie, have sex, anything to make you tired. I sympathize with you! Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

I vote your room is way too warm. I heat my house during the day to 72 in the winter only. At night I drop it to 60-62 degrees. But we all have down comforters. Then the automatic thermostat comes on in the morning to pre-heat the hosue. Honeslty, no one has frozen or complained of the cold. We all sleep better in a cool house with warm covers.

Otherwise, you're symptoms sound like classiic, every 3rd trimester, pregnant mommy...when will this baby get here?

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answers from Chicago on

Yup 3rd trimester sucks. If you sleep in a room on your own close vents so your room is cooler.sleep sitting in a recliner legs use ice packs do. The baby is pushing on and taking up stomach space as long as you take a prenatal and get minimal nutrients it will pass and a baby will soon be in your arms.

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answers from Boise on

Sounds normal, I always said the 3rd trimester was natures way of preparing your for late nights with the baby. Kinda unfair, we should be getting lots of sleep to store up for when the baby comes.

Some woman will gain all of their weight in the beginning and slow down towards the end, some will gain slowly then balloon up at the end. Others , like me, loose from beginning to end. Everyone is different, so if the doc isn't concerned I wouldn't be concerned.

Hot flashes are awful, no real advice for those.

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answers from Chicago on

Just wanted to chime in for the heat thing...72 would be way too hot for me to sleep in, and I'm not pregnant. Any chance your other kids could sleep in pajamas with feet or ankle slippers and an extra blanket? That's just too hot.

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answers from Houston on

Sounds like a very typical third trimester to me! My 3rd trimester was very similar! I had a seriously rough time w/ sleep. Have you considered low iron? I was having what I self diagnosed as restless leg syndrome, and my iron was actually low on my labs, I started taking a low dose of iron before bed and low and behold, started sleeping like a baby!!! Seriously, it helped to relax me 100%. Can't really speak on the night flashes, I had those more after my babies were born? And I think it's very normal to drop weight towards then end, I too gained the bulk of my weight in the beginning with both pregnancies. Good Luck as your wrap up these next few weeks and congratulations on your new gift from God! :)

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answers from Phoenix on

First, NO PEPTO BISMOL! It isn't approved for pregnancy. Try candied ginger or ginger water (powdered ginger, a little sweetener and plain or sparkling water-I use plain so I can shake it when the ginger settles). If your doc isn't worried about the weight loss, neither should you.
Second, try sleeping with the window cracked, but night sweats are just something you will have to deal with even after the baby is born. They suck, but you can try to keep extra pillows nearby to swap for sweaty ones and double up an extra sheet on your side to give you at least 1 dry swap in the middle of thenight.
Thirdly, try taking the Benedryl at bedtime instead of when you wake to see if that helps you stay asleep. You can also try Tylenol PM, it's just Benedryl with Tylenol added, but helps me stay asleep more than just Benedryl.
I feel your pain, as I experienced all these things (other than the weight loss, I would have welcomed that) during my 2 pregnancies and am just waiting for the fun to start as my 3rd trimester with #3 starts tomorrow.
Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

My daughter had sleep issues with her former pregnancy and the doctor suggested she could take Sominex. Ask your doctor to be sure. I think that's the brand name of the medicine. She found a generic with the same ingredients.

As to lowering the thermastat. We turn our heat down to 60 at night and use more blankets. Your family can cover up more while you can't take more off. Lower the thermostat. Take care of yourself first so that you can take care of the rest of them.

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answers from Denver on

I have been waking up every hour or two to pee at night since my 2nd trimester and still am at 36 weeks. It sucks. Going to work right now is becoming a monumental task for me.

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