Fainting in 3Rd Trimester

Updated on April 30, 2009
K.L. asks from Vista, CA
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What questions should I be asking my OB about fainting, passing out during my 3rd Trimester.
This last weekend I had an episdoe that was scary and confusing. I had just finished a dinner out with my husband, 2 children and our friends and their 2 kids. My appetite was good and the only concern was the heartburn that may follow the yummy Mexican dinner. But then I started with light ringing in the ears, yawning and a fuzzy head. I decided to take a walk to the bathroom with my youngest, 3 1/2. Felt worst when we returned to table so I stepped outside and sat with my feet up on the outside patio..
My husband checked on me and brought out water. I felt a little better but when the kids and friends stepped out I felt it coming on again so my husband and I asked our friends to take our kids for a little walk. Withnin 30 seconds of them stepping away I passed out in the chair and started vomitting..My husband leaned me forward and sat me on the ground while I was passed out and vomitting. I came to on the ground and we had some paramedics come and check my vitals even though I actually felt better when waking up. (Never mind the gross state of having vomit all over me.) They advised me to be taken to hospital for additional testing even though all vitals were showing ok..
At the Labor and Delivery they monitored me and everything showed ok so I was advised to take it easy and returned home that night..
My Ob has advised me that fainting happens while pregnant and just to take precautions..
This is my third pregnancy and I never had anything like this happen until this pregnancy. I realize each pregnacy is different and I am older, (currently 39) I just feel very uneasy about it and I don't want something to be overlooked..

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answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter had the same problem in her third trimester of her third pregnancy. Her Dr gave her the same advise. She delivered a healthy baby boy who is now 7 months. She said this is more common than we think. Best wishes

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answers from Los Angeles on

Although feeling dizzy is bothersome to most people, it is very common during pregnancy. Dizziness, feeling lightheaded and actually fainting can happen at any point of your pregnancy for several reasons :
low blood pressure
Increased heart rate
Increased blood volume
Laying on your back
Overheated and croweded places
Standing up too fast
Excessive exercise
If you begin to feel dizzy or lightheaded, you should lay down to avoid falling down and hurting yourself or the baby. The best position to lay down is on your left side because it will get the most amount of blood to your heart and brain. Sometimes it is not possible to lay down and in that case, you should sit down and place your head between your knees.When you are laying down, sit up with your legs dangling for a moment before standing up.Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water and fluids throughout the day.Do not take hot baths or showers.
Eat several small meals throughout the course of the day to keep your blood sugar levels consistent.Do not lie flat on your back. Lay on your side instead. This can cause your heart rate to increase your blood pressure to decrease.
Eat foods that are rich in iron and ask your provider if you need iron supplement.Hope you feel better but always take precautions just incase.good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have never heard of this so late in pregnancy, but i'm sure it happens. Could you have had an alergic reaction to some spice in the food ? Just a thought. Hope you get some comforting e-mails. The important thing is that you and the baby are ok. Hope th rest of the preg. Goes well. Sandy



answers from Los Angeles on

My mom fainted regularly when she was pregnant with me. On the sidewalk walking down the street etc. She was anemic. Check your iron.

Also you could have been dehydrated. Low blood pressure caused by dehydration can cause fainting. Are you drinking enough? I know not drinking as often in order to curb the trips to the bathroom can be tempting. Also, you are taking care of a lot of people. It's easy to forget to take care of yourself.



answers from Honolulu on

Like the other poster, my first reaction was "MSG."
These are symptoms of MSG sensitivity, and when pregnant, sensitivities increases.

It could have been something in the food which affected you, being you are pregnant.

When I was pregnant, I reacted badly to even rice... the smell of it cooking and the taste just made me sick.



answers from Los Angeles on

I didn't faint but around 38 weeks, I was sitting down paying bills one night and suddenly felt dizzy, lightheaded and the room went hazy. It scared me so I laid down and it eventually went away. Also, about 2 weeks after I delivered I felt that again one night and was so scared of passing out that I woke my husband. Maybe it has something to do with the hormones but it sure is unpleasant. My baby boy, who's now 6 weeks old, was perfectly healthy though.



answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like blood pressue...possibly adrenal related. It can return to normal quickly, but there can be a sudden drop and then it returns to normal. Maybe check your BP the second this starts happening?

I took Drenamin to support my adrenals for low blood pressure during my pregnancy. It's a glandular supplement and it's inexpensive, but amazingly great.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.,
Maybe you are MSG sensitive. I'm in my 3rd pregnancy also, and I'm 38-(older too). This pregnancy I've become super sensitive to MSG and other food additives, migraine headaches, nausea, etc. A good website to check out about MSG would be: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/0...

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