Sex During Third Trimester

Updated on November 23, 2009
S.S. asks from Covington, KY
8 answers

This may sound like a weird question but here it goes... I am 30 weeks pregnant and during my entire pregnancy I really had no urge to have intercourse. All of a sudden I want it all the time. Is this normal? Did anyone else have this happen to them when they were in their third trimester? Also can this be a sign that I will go into labor soon because I have been having issues with preterm labor( contractions and 50% effaced) My doctor didn't say not to have sex just modified bed rest. He said I can do chores and stuff.

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answers from South Bend on

I went through the same thing when I was pregnant with my son. I wanted to do it all the time too. I don't know if you know what you are having, but since I had a boy, I attributed it to all the extra testosterone in my body. I also had a lot of the Braxton-Hicks contractions but my son was 2 weeks late! Good luck to you!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I had the same thing with my second pregnancy. I didn't have any go for it! LOL I could send you into labor depending on how, um, intense you are...but I don't think it's anything to worry about.



answers from Evansville on

you can have sex. Just monitor it, if you feel any pain or if you start getting contractions, slow down or stop. We did it up until about 38 weeks, mostly because my husband was dreading the 8 weeks of healing from the c-section LOL



answers from Portland on

I can somewhat relate to your situation but I had to urge to ALL THE TIME. And I know that sex can help you go into labor sooner so as long as you hve the ok from your dr I'd say go for it!



answers from Cleveland on

I was exactly the same way. During most of my pregnancies I wasn't against sex but just didn't care either way. The last month before I delivered I just couldn't get enough. I do think it is your body's natural way of helping you prepare for birth. I would definitely check with your doctor especially since you are on modified bed rest. You don't want the last time to end with beigng rushed to L & D at the hospital a few hours later. And then not have sex again for 8 weeks or so. Congratualtions on the baby.



answers from Indianapolis on

Please make sure you ask your doctor before you have sex. He can give you the best advice, he wants what is best for you and your baby.



answers from Detroit on

I agree with Alice, go for it. I too had the urge the entire pregnancy and I think it makes for a easier delivery. Both of my children were a week early and they were both vaginal deliveries. Nothing wrong with a little bit of nookie! After you deliver and things are a bit more hectic and time is limited you'll wish for the urge, GO FOR IT!



answers from Fort Wayne on

I would double check with your doctor if you're on modified bed rest. If your doc says it's ok, go for it! There are certain positions that make it easier when you're in your third trimester.

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