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Updated on December 25, 2009
J.R. asks from New York, NY
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I have gotten such great advice from all of you the last few times I asked a question! Thanks. Now that we found a great midwife, I need to find a birthing class. My midwife is in NJ and all of the birthing classes she recommends are near her. We don't mind the drive to see her, but I want a birthing class closer to home on the Upper West Side. I think we are going to go with Hynobirthing, but I am interested in a general class too.

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Hey there,
It has been a while since I had my first baby (24 years to be exact) but when I was pregnant with him I attended the birhting Center on 92nd street between park and madison ave. I know its on the upper east side, but depending on where you live it can be relativly easy to get to. It was a remarkable experience and after all the families in the class had their babys we got together and had a parry for the babies. I still have my picture. I hope this helps



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Congrats J.,

If your looking for a good birthing class contact Roosevelt Hospital. That's where my daughter in-law went and it was an experience that was great for her and the family. Good luck.




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Check out prenatalyogacenter.com. Aside from prenatal yoga, they offer all kinds of classes, including birthing classes, infant CPR, etc. The studio is on 72nd b/w Broadway and West End.

I didn't take their birthing class (I went to Real Birth in midtown, which I thought was too long), but I took prenatal yoga classes and attended a breastfeeding workshop at the Prenatal Yoga Center, both of which I thought were great.

Congratulations and good luck!!!!



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We are currently taking classes at RealBirth on 49th Street and 9th Avenue and really like it. The classes are a good size and a good portion of the couples are using midwives for their births.



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Hi J.,
Congrats! We went to Sandy Jamrog's Bradley method class on the UWS. She's in the phone book and her apt is around w. 111, I believe. Good Luck!



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Though not quite the UWS, I am a former L & D nurse and current doula and I teach a great childbirth education class on 30th and Madison at the Open Center. The next class starts in February, but is $40 off for 2009 registrations.

It's called the Truly Holistic Pregnancy and Childbirth Series. I created this unique series to cover all of the topics you would expect in a childbirth education course, in an unexpectedly fresh and engaging way. The course includes all you need to know to be well informed and empowered on your birth day, including the latest in evidence-based care. Holistic perspectives on health and healing are woven into the traditional curriculum to create a childbirth education class that is comprehensive, holistic, and integrative.

If this sounds up your alley, check out more details on my site, Holistic Doula NYC, http://www.holisticdoulanyc.com. Congratulations to you and all the mamas-to-be!


A. C. | Holistic RN & Doula
Holistic Doula NYC | www.holisticdoulanyc.com

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