Third Trimester: Child

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3Rd Trimester Blues and Surprise Girl

I've been feeling great 2nd trimestesr, but my first trimester I had a hard time dealing with the hormones and getting the blues and anxiety. Now i'm a week away from the 3rd trimester and it's back. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this in their third tri or am I just a weirdo? We also found out we're having a girl...not something I expected or really anticipated, so are there any general things people can tell me about girls....nice things, bad things, hard things? It sounds silly since I'm a girl but...raising a girl is...

Due Date & Labor

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Daughter Terrified of Pain and Is Due for Her 5 Year Old Immunizations

Hi. My tender five year old daughter gets very worried about pain. When she had a sliver last week, she had a complete panic attack/meltdown when anticipating us pulling the sliver out with tweezers. (Including hyperventilating and eyes-rolling and nearly fainting. We never had a chance to get near that sliver.) And we did the whole calm voice, gentle distractions, giving her choices, etc. She's such a sweet, sensitive kid who can put up a huge fuss when she's worried. So the big problem lies in that she needs to get her 5 year...


Due Date Discrepancy

Hi Moms, Have any of you ever had a due date discrepancy? I'm expecting...


Estimating Due Date

Hi ladies! Good news, I am expecting my second child! YEAH! I know that when...