Summer Vacation: Luv

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Extended Family Vacation Suggestions

A.A. asks from New York

My two brothers and I are planning a giant family vacation in order to celebrate our father's retirement. I was hoping you all could provide me with suggestions for a...


I Don't Wanna Be Everyones Babysitter.

D.A. asks from San Antonio

I am a part time employee in the business that me and my husband own. During school months I work from 8 to 12, after that I do some housework, laundry, and pay bill...


New Car

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

Looking to get a 7 or 8 seater SUV. Wondering how you mom's out there like yours and if you prefer the middle row to be captain's chairs or bench seating. I WILL ha...


Do You Regret Any of Your Tattoos?

C.J. asks from Milwaukee

I took my son to swim lessons and saw MANY poorly done tattoos on other parents. Some I couldn't even figure out what it was suppose to be. Do you have something you ...


Miscarriage at 16 Wks, How Do You Go On?

K.M. asks from Kansas City

I just found out on Wednesday when I went in for a normal prenatal checkup that our babys heart was not beating, I was overwhelemed with sadness and there by myself. ...


Unexpected Pregnancy

M.L. asks from Houston

i'v been wth my boyfriend for only 2 months.. wr expecting and he's telling me that we have to have an abortion..what should i do