What Are You Doing This Summer?

Updated on June 02, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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What is your family doing during summer vacation, and what are your kids ages?

We camp, a LOT. It's cheap, the kids like it, we can bring the dog. It's win-win for us. We didn't camp at all last summer because the baby was so young. This year, I'M CAMPING! I have to get out of the house... and I don't want to waste another summer.

We camp on (meaning, either on an island or on land right next to) the James River. Free place to camp? Oh HECK yes. My fiance's a little nervous about bringing the baby, now 17 months... my feel is, he's got to get used to it sometime. When I was single I used to camp solo with my daughters when they were 2 and 3 ;) I think we can handle the baby!

Aside from that, we don't have any 'set in stone' plans. I'd like to go to our friends cabin in TN, take the kids for an overnight beach trip, just more cheap stuff. Maybe go to DC and see the museums or go to the zoo or Baltimore Aquarium for day trips.

When we're home, we're either at the river (our club is within walking distance, it's our home away from home) or at home, where the kids play in the kiddy pool or on nasty days, stay inside and let their imagination run rampant.

So what are YOU doing this summer, and how old are the kiddos?

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answers from St. Louis on

Um, can I come and stay with you for the summer?

7, 6 and 7 months. I will cook!

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answers from Dallas on

We have a 2 and 5 year old. We are also big campers! We love it. We camp by a lake and my hubby and son take out their fishing kayak and fish while me and my daughter play on the water. We enjoy it...we don't allow electronic toys, cell phones or laptops. It's a nice get away. BTW...our kids have been camping since 6 months of age, your 17 month old will be fine! We will play a bunch in our pool. We have two big trips planned, Sea World and my sister's wedding. Otherwise it'll be mornings at the park (here in Texas the equipment is too hot in the afternoon), sidewalk chalk, bubbles and the slip and slide with the neighbors. Popsicles melting on swimsuits, staying up a little later and evenings on the lawn. I am really looking forward to it!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Water park season passes for all of us, week at the beach in July, Summer recreation program for my 8 yo, trying to plan a Washington DC long weekend trip, BTR concert/canoe trip weekend in August, train ride this Friday (first day after school's out), might try to get to Hershey PA for a weekend....local wave pool, play dates should round it out!
We are on GO all summer--I love it!
(And God Bless you for camping with kids!)

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answers from Houston on

You brought your 2 & 3 yo's camping by yourself? You go girl! I think that's great. I know too many women who use their kids as an excuse to not do anything like that.

I am so jealous you can go camping in the summer. Here in Texas, its way too hot for us. Some peopl don't mind it but the 'skeeters love me too much for me to enjoy anything outdoors. We go once or twice when it cools down, around Nov :( but that's when all the colors change so it beautiful AND all the 'skeeters have pretty much died off :)

We always go somewhere cross country w/our kid - fly or road trip but this summer, b/c of an extremely busy VBS, sports camp and swim schedule, we have to stick close to home. So we are planning some weekend getaways to Dallas Ft Worth San Antonio and Corpus Christi over a few weekends this summer, w/a monthly trip to Austin each month. So our summer vacations will be all about this half of Texas. Our goal is to consume as much Texas bbq and pecan pie as we can!

Have fun camping!

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answers from New York on

Our little one is 3 and we're hoping to add very soon, so that's our summer project!

We're going to FL for 10 days in July to be with my family, which we have always done. It's great b/c our other FL trips throughout the year are "for something"... Christmas, weddings, birthdays, etc. This is just for relaxation and a first trip to Disney! My parents live within walking distance of the beach, so we'll be beachside or poolside all week and on the boat as much as possible.

Aside from that, we do little day trips around the Hudson Valley... and the Dutchess County fair which is always fun. We like to go into the City for a day to the Bronx Zoo and I hope we can do that again.

This will be my first summer working (was on a teacher schedule prior), so it will be a little different. The upside is that the new job came with a nice raise so we can afford to do a few more day trips this year~

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answers from Dallas on

We are going to biloxi for 4th of july to lay around on the beach and do nothing! Can't wait! Then no other plans. Maybe turner falls for swimming? No big plans but that's the lovely part, no schedules or commitments. If it wasn't for the disgusting heat it would be fantastic!

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answers from Dallas on

We have a 16 yr old daughter so our schedule revolves around hers for the most part.

Most of the time, we go to Sandestin FL at the Hilton Resort during Spring break yearly. That is a good time for us to get away and we are ready to get away by Spring Break.

Her last day of school is monday 6/6. She is on the JV cheer squad at her Sr. High school so we have pictures to do for the football program, we are actively in fundraising mode for the booster club.

We are flying to NC make some college visits in mid June to Duke, NC State, UNC, Wake Forest and visit some friends while in the area 5 days.

mid July starts another boot camp for cheer, and mid August is a boot camp with all Sr high JV and Varsity cheer.

Other things we do during the summer are:
TX Rangers baseball game (event with Nolan Ryan, dinner, game and fireworks),
Volunteering at the local Allen, TX July 4th celebration on June 25, Daughter has front row tickets to NKOTB/Back Street Boys concert with her best friend (this is her bday present from 12/27, a limo will be transporting them to and from the event.... they are SO excited)
We are trying to work in a trip to see my family since we've not visited anyone there in 4+ yrs.

Other than those, nothing else is set in stone here either. We'll play it by ear and enjoy our time off!!

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answers from Lansing on

Not much going on over here, although my parents, sister & her family, my brother and my family are all going on a week long camping trip. Its a lot of fun and our kids just love it. My sister's two kids are months apart in age with mine, so its fun watching them hang out together! Other than I'm sure there will be BBQ's, swimming, family reunions, graduation parties, weddings and lots of reading (summer reading program) going on! :)

Went camping with my youngest when she was 22 months and oldest was almost 4. It had challenging moments, but definitely a lot of fun. My girls are now 5 and 3...soon to be 6 and 4. I think this summer will be even more fun!

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answers from Dallas on

We're going to Bermuda and taking my 2 year old. My plan is to not leave the poolside or the beach. I would love to camp, but my husband is unsure about it. My daughter loves trains, so we may take a train ride to San Antonio and go to Sea World for a weekend. I would take the 17 month old camping. I took my 15 month old to Austria. 10 hour plan ride each way, 7 hour time change, no nap schedule and she did great.

For the rest of the summer, we will spend our days at the splash fountain, the pool, or the arboreteum.

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answers from Spokane on

We camp too. Every chance we get :)
We have a motorhome and I keep it "camp ready" with our camp clothes and necessities. Add some food, the kids and the dog and we are set!
We do have 10 days off together this summer ~ VERY rare, so we might head to Glacier.
Hope you all have a very nice, safe summer!



answers from Roanoke on

Hopefully we'll be makin' some babies!!!



answers from Phoenix on

Our kids are 15 (spec needs and only get every other weekend), 11 and 8. I am working from home this year which started last week and is interesting so far! We are in the Phoenix area so it will be well over 100 every single day from now until Oct. YUCK! So although we have an inground pool in our yard, yesterday I ordered season passes (for the 3 of us) for the water park in our area. It was a bit of an investment ($214) but I figure we can go 3x per week and it will wear out the kids and be good exercise for them. My son is in summer school for the month of June so while he is there I will be working with my daughter to get caught up on her math facts and a few other things. On the weekends that we have all 3 kids, we go to the kids movies and swim in our pool and usually that's it. On the weekends we don't have ANY kids, hubby and i get caught up on some errands, see "adult" movies and eat out. Hubby and I are leaving this week for a company paid trip to Mexico. We would like to take the kids to CA for a few days and spend on the beach but we will have to see what $$ allows as both of us are business owners and don't know month to month what our paychecks are! So the short of it is we will be SWIMMING! lol!

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