Kids This Summer

Updated on June 11, 2012
A.P. asks from Willow Grove, PA
4 answers

What are you doing with your kids this summer

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answers from Columbia on

What I did at their age. They play, play, play. I give them allowance each week to spend at the community pool or whatever.

My boys are 9 and 11. So they don't need me to entertain them all day.

ETA: As for vacations: We went on a three day canoe/camping trip over memorial day weekend, and will go camping a few more times this summer. We'll probably also go to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.



answers from New York on

Not much, LOL. Mine are older. How old are your kiddo's?
My oldest will be 17 next week. She'll be working at a daycamp and doing some volunteer work with 4H and an animal rescue.
My oldest is turning 13. It is his first year not going to daycamp. He will do two weeks of scout resident camps. I get home from work at 12:30, and we have passes for a local lake where he can swim, and I usually get passes for the closest waterpark for his birthday, so we can do those things in the afternoons but he also amuses himself and keeps busy with keeping the garden in order and usually picks up some pet sitting jobs.
My kids always went to daycamp til 11 or 12, even during the summers when I wasn't working summer school. They needed and preferred the socialization and structured activities.



answers from Seattle on

Let's see, my eldest is signed up for our local library's summer reading club. She's a very smart bookworm. Our family is going on vacation to our home state for a few weeks. We'll hit up Disneyland, Knott's, and just enjoy family. I'm planning on teaching each of my kids how to swim once our pool is opened in our complex. I know I can teach my 8 year old daughter........I'm certain it'll be an adventure to teach my autistic 5 year old. I'm looking forward to just enjoying our summer break and going on random adventures.



answers from Philadelphia on

June will be doing vacation bible school and July will be doing an extreme vbs with water slides and fun stuff. Vacation to our home state in August. We have water guns to play with. We have a family membership to Philly Zoo. We do homework every morning too for my triplets who are 7, mainly for one of them who doesn't retain info as well as the others. Just one math sheet and read a short book. We have a croquet set, plan on getting a badmitten set. Have a swing set, clubhouse and slide, big fenced in yard, bike riding, jumprope, go to a big park with tube slides. On slow or rainy days we have a playroom with beanbags and a TV for movies. Kids are watching Chipmunks 2 right now. I'm sure we'll come up with more things too. Oh, my daughter will be doing summer ballet classes starting in July. My teenage son is getting a job, doing summer baseball and doing driver ed classes.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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