Staying Organized: Teen

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Question for Moms over 40 - What's Your Biggest Organizing Problem?

S.B. asks from San Antonio

If you're a mom over 40, what do you find to be your biggest organizing challenge? Too much clutter? Balancing time with work and family? Finding room for your hob...


I Need Cleaning & Organization Help!!!

J.G. asks from Rapid City

I have 3 year old Twins and a 9 month old & my house is a DISASTER!!! I can't figure out how to keep my house clean & organized and still give my kids the attention ...


What Do You Do with Your Tween....

C.. asks from Columbia

Seriously..... Like, how do you engage your 12-will-be-13-in-3-weeks girl? She's a good kid, but not really "into" anything. She's going to try out for volleyball ...


"Normal" Tween Girl Behavior?

A.T. asks from Lewiston

I really need some help. My boyfriend of 2 years cannot seem to get along with my daughter. He never says anything to her but behind closed doors or on the phone he g...


Seeking Tips for Staying in a Hotel W/ an Infant and Toddler

I.W. asks from Norfolk

I am planning on staying in a hotel for 5 nights w/ my 4 month old and 24 month old. Any tips from someone who has done this before and can give advice on how to mak...


NYE Traditions When Staying Home?

T.R. asks from Orlando

My daughter really wants to stay up this year, she just turned 8, so I am thinking about it, although I don't do anything special, I'm usually in bed before midnight,...


Need Help with Disrespectful Teen

L.K. asks from Austin

What to do with disrespectful teen? I have a 15 year old DD that I don’t know what to do about when it comes to her disrespect of me and her mouth. She is a good ki...


Need Advice and Tips

A.W. asks from Tulsa

I'm new to mamasource. I'm finding it difficult to maintain a clean, neat, organized home. Before I had my new son who is now 8 months old, I worked full-time. I am ...


Seeking Advice on Teen's Helping Around the House

P.M. asks from Hartford

I have 3 teenagers, b/g twins 14 and a 13yog. My youngest daughter seems to be the only helpful one. I pay her as she goes and she saves her money to buy whatever s...


Teen Girl Not Interested in School

C.F. asks from Sacramento

My 13, almost 14, year old daughter could not care less about school. She likes the social aspect and a couple of teachers but doesn't feel successful so she doesn't...