Staying Organized: Child

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5 Year Old with No Attention Span

J.N. asks from Seattle

Hello, My 5 year old son is in Kindergarten. He is a great kid and gets along well with others. The problem that we are having seems to be his attention span. He'...


6 Year Old Takes FOREVER to Get Ready

N.H. asks from Detroit

Hey there moms. My 6 year old takes forever to get ready. I set her alarm 15 minutes earlier so she can start her day doing something she wants to do before the off...


Seeking Help with Staying Organized and Clean House

M.D. asks from New York

I really need advice on how to keep up with everything.My house is not very organized right now.Also,all I do is clean,clean,clean.Does it ever stop?


Volunteer Work for My 5 Year Old

M.Q. asks from Dallas

Okay, I wondered if anyone could suggest something or somewhere that me and my 5 year old can volunteer. I want to teach her that others are not as lucky as we are an...


6 Year Old Diagnosed with ADHD

J.A. asks from Cincinnati

My 6 year old has been diagnosed with ADHD. I've been reading studies about children taking Omega-3 fish oil and improving as much as with Ritalin. Has anyone tried...


5 Year-old with Lots of Energy

M.L. asks from Tucson

Help, my 5 year old is out of control most of the time. I'm thinking about putting him on meds but my doc. doesn't want to because of his age. I need something to s...


Did You Send Your 5 Year Old Girl to Kindergarten?

T.R. asks from Cleveland

Hi! Now is the time, it seems, when everyone is trying to make the decision whether or not to send their soon to be 5 year old to kindergarten. I am having the same...


Keeping a Household of 14 Clean, Organized, and Happy...

S.T. asks from Provo

I live in a home that has three generations together. We have my mom and dad, myself and husband with our 5 children, and we also share the home with my sister, her ...


Diet Modification for Possible ADD? 6 Year Old

L.P. asks from Denver

I have suspicions that my child may be ADD. She takes an extremely long time to do homework (not too uncommon for a 6 year old), however she shows this behaviour in ...


How to Help 6 Year Old Be More Organized and Neat in School

C.W. asks from Washington DC

My 6 yo son is in first grade. We are new to this school this year and he seems to have gotten the strictest teacher of the group. She has been there a long time and...