Organizing Tips, Tricks, Etc. for the Outgoing/amiable Personality?

Updated on December 28, 2011
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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I just found "how to unclutter your life in one week" on youtube and really like it. Got some GREAT ideas. And the organizer has a similar personality type which is helpful. I'm NOT analytical, which is how most organizing things seem geared.

Do you know of any sites, books, etc. that focus more on the non-compulsive organizing personalities :)


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So What Happened?

Thanks and keep the info coming. I'm definitely not "born organized". There are people that need to file things away to be organized, and people that need to see the stuff, touch it, etc. - that's what I mean by personality style organizing. Hard to explain :) but I've seen it referred to somewhere. LOL - not a hoarder, but yep, gotta get rid of clutter.

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answers from Boston on

I don't really get the personality mean that you're not "born organized" like some people who seem to magically be able to sort and organize and seem to enjoy it? That you are more creative? If so, check out MamaMay's post below alludes to Pam and Peggy and Flylady grew out of that.

I think I may have more "born organized" tendencies than not, so some things about Flylady drive me nuts and I think the design of the website is awful, but the overall approach is very helpful. Her main mottos include gems like "progress not perfection," "you can't organize clutter you have to get rid of it" and "you are not behind, I do not want you to catch up, just jump in where you are." Perfectionism is looked upon as a character flaw and something that must be gotten rid of, which is a nice way to approach getting and staying organized - it's a daily process of making things better in baby steps, not a quest that ends with some magical, unattainable state of perfection.

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answers from Honolulu on

I love the sidetracked home executives book by Pam young and Peggy jones.

Also This site is nice:

I wish I was one of those people that was born orginized but I am not.

Also what is that YouTube vid you are talking about?

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answers from Tulsa on though I won't hide my dishes under the sink.

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answers from Houston on

Watch the TV show Horders. That'll make even the most non-compulsive type like you want to throw out EVERYTHING!

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answers from Des Moines on

Personally, I made a LOT of progress when I figured out I was a SHELF person, not a cupboard person-- I NEED to be able to SEE my stuff. I do A LOT better putting stuff away when "away" means I can still see it-- so lots of cubbies and shelves and cubbicles at my place and not many cupboards and drawers!

I like Flylady, but adapt it so it works for YOU and you don't have to drink the koolaid and by everything she sells. I obsess about my entryway and the parts of the apartment that can be seen from the hall, NOT my kitchen sink. And the microfiber colths from Dollar Tree still clean WONDERFULLY a year + later even if they're not purple!

For anyone REALLY over their heads I HIGHLY reccomend the Messiness and Hoarding email list!

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answers from St. Louis on

I probably shouldn't fixate on this but what does being outgoing and friendly have to do with organizing?

Wish I could help you on the book quest but I just put things where I feel they belong. That way I don't lose things because I am using someone else's ideas.

What I mean is where I feel a hairbrush should go works better than where someone else thinks it should go. If I use someone else's plan I am no more organized but then feel guilty because it works for them why doesn't it work for me, ya know?

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answers from Dallas on

I've sometimes wished for a useful compulsion. Why wasn't I born a Type - A, workaholic, obsessive compulsive about cleaning or (i hate to even say it) anorexic. I say this jokingly, I would never wish those actual problems on anyone.
But come on, why am I driven to eat, hate to clean, and list napping as my favorite hobby? I should be a clean freak, work-aholic that counts calories. lol
What I've found that works for me is to invite people over. If I know I'm going to have people over I get crazy motivated to gut and clean everything and organize the heck out of stuff. That and a giant, icecold Monster Energy Drink. Motivation in a can.

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