Staying Organized: Tween

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14 Year Old Thinks Rules Too Strict - NO MORE RESPONSES PLEASE. THANKS for ALL!

K.L. asks from Memphis

My 14 year old daughter seems to think a few of my rules are too strict. So, she asked me if I’d get the opinion of other mothers – particularly those I don’t ...


How Can I Get My 14 Year Old to Enjoy School?

S.B. asks from San Francisco

I have a 14 year old son who has dislike school since second grade. It has been a constant struggle to get him up in the morning and to motivate him to take pride in ...


Seeking Help with Staying Organized and Clean House

M.D. asks from New York

I really need advice on how to keep up with everything.My house is not very organized right now.Also,all I do is clean,clean,clean.Does it ever stop?


11 Year Old Son Trouble Following Instructions

I.R. asks from Dallas

I have a 11 year old son who has trouble following instructions in school & home. He isn't hyper at all so I know that ADHD is out of the question but he does have tr...


Help with a Unorganized 10 Year Old Boy...

N.A. asks from Chicago

Dear Moms, I have 2 boys. One is 10 and the other is 8. My problem is that we had parent teacher meeting yesturday and picked up my sons report cards. My oldest son...


Help Me Get More Organized

A.P. asks from Birmingham

Hi Ladies, New Stay at Home Mom here! I have been offficial for 1 month. I can not keep my house picked up now that we are all here during the day. My husband con...


12 Year Old No Longer Wants to Play Sports

T.M. asks from San Francisco

My 12 (soon to be 13) year old son has decided he no longer wants to play sports. He has been in baseball, basketball, soccer and/or football for almost 9 years. He...


Middle Sch Homework Probs - How to Teach Organization?

A.B. asks from Charlotte

I've been reading other posts about homework probs ...


My 13 Year Old Isn't Doing His Homework and Is Misbehaving in School

A.U. asks from Washington DC

My 13 year old isn't doing his homework and is misbehaving in school. This is his second attempt at the 6th grade and I am worried he won't make it. He doesn't bring ...


What Do You Do with Your Tween....

C.. asks from Columbia

Seriously..... Like, how do you engage your 12-will-be-13-in-3-weeks girl? She's a good kid, but not really "into" anything. She's going to try out for volleyball ...