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Updated on February 15, 2010
T.S. asks from Arlington, TX
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My husband and I live in a small duplex with our children...because it is what we can afford and it is in a safe neighborhood. When we moved into this house, it was perfect for us. We had small children (daughter in 1st grade and son about to enter PreK at the time) and we planned on saving some money to buy our first home. That was 3 years and 3 months ago....Since then, we've had the unexpected blessing of a third child, now about to be 2 in a week and my dh's teenage daughter moved in with us after his ex-wife went pretty much berserk.

We know that we need a bigger house, but right now it is just impossible to move. My husband has a very good job with amazing benefits at a hospital not five minutes from where we live. I am about to graduate college after two years and looking forward to beginning work in my new career field. We are hoping that we'll be able to buy a house within the next couple of years, but in the meantime, we make do with what we have. We are able to afford the rent and utilities where we live fairly well and we live in a safe neighborhood and the children attend a good elementary school. My biggest concern about moving into a bigger rent house is the cost/neighborhood ratio. Houses in our neighborhood for rent are upwards of $900 or more a month, and there's just no way we could afford that right now. At most, we could afford to pay $600 in rent, but I am worried that any 3 bedroom house in that price range would be in an unsafe neighborhood. I am just not willing to trade my family's safety and peace of mind for another bedroom. So, at a family meeting, we discussed the pros and cons of living in the small house we're in now versus trying to move to a bigger rent house before we can really afford it or waiting until after I graduate and saving some money and trying to buy a house next year. The kids and hubby all agreed, hands down, that staying where we are and keeping our expenses low over the next year after I graduate so that we can buy a house instead of renting or moving to a neighborhood we're just not sure about was a better option.

The problem? Now we have to figure out how to organize our little home so that the kids have a place for their things, and the house is peaceful. Do any moms out there have any suggestions or ideas for organizing a small space? Is there a business in the Arlington area that might help with organizing your home?

Any suggestions and tips would be helpful and welcome!

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I'm pretty good at organizing things but I think things are very specific to your indivisual situation. Closets and storage systems are key to small spaces, the kids toys have to be organized or they will take over the house. pairing down is also key to small spaces, dont keep what you dont need/use. I use a paper organize system that helps keep the junk mail and bills from over taking us. I'd love to help you out if you would like to contact me off the board please feel free to do so, and we can discuss your sitation better and maybe come up with some ideas that will work for you.

I'd be glad to help...


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There are lots of ways to organize. There are closet rods that make a tall closet rod come down and form a second rod - available at the container store. That will allow the older/taller children to hang their clothes high and the younger children to have theirs low. Also remember you have space UP! You probably have 8-10 ft. ceilings, so make sure you utilize the space going up with shelves, hooks for backpacks, jackets, purses, etc. Make sure everything has a place an that it gets up there when finished. Go through the kids stuff and get rid of anything that is unneccessary...sell it in a garage sale and then put that in your house fund...the kids might be more willing to sell stuff if they know it's helping the cause, or use it to pay off debt, or take them out for a nice evening to Incredible pizza or Chuck E Cheese to reward them for getting rid of a few things.

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Take measurements of your house and go to Ikea! It sounds like you're making very wise choices. Great job and good luck!



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My daughter does this on the side while being a Mom to 5. Call her at ###-###-####. Christy is her name and she is great with ideas and charges fairly. She went to MN and helped her friend organize a big house for 3 days and it was awesome.



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*Those plastic things that hang on closet doors to hold shoes*
Almost every door in my house has them, but not for shoes.
I have everything imaginable in mine. Skin care, hair care, lotions, nail care hang on the inside of my closet. My husband keeps his cologne, deodorant etc.. in his - with room for antibiotic ointment, band aids (wound care really).
THE KIDS keep their small card games and cords that go to other things. A gameboy when not in use etc..
THE TEENAGE girl keeps all her girly essentials, hair ties, perfume, nail polish and the list goes on.

This leaves drawers and cabinets to store BIG ITEMS like my foot spa, heating pads, towels, etc.. Since I have an empty drawer in my bathroom I can keep bathroom cleaner in there.


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