Self Esteem

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High School Daughter

V.M. asks from San Francisco

My daughter is a high school freshman. She started out loving school, but i noticed she is not as enthusiastic lately due to the fact that some boys make fun of her ...


Any Advice About Keratosis Pilaris?

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

I think my 2.5 year old daughter has Keratosis Pilaris. This is a skin disorder that produces little red bumps on her skin. This started on her upper arms but has now...


DD Refers to Herself as a "Loser"

S.L. asks from Des Moines

My dd has had some social challenges this year. New school, finally started making a few friends just in the last couple of months. She's really small for her age w...


Anyone Have a Breast Augmentation or Views on It?

M.E. asks from Dallas

Having children is a wonderful experience but after gaining 80 lbs during pregnancy and losing 60 pounds within a couple of months, my body just droops, least all my ...


Is Lack of Confidence or Last of Education a TURN off to MEN ???

M.T. asks from Honolulu

I recently ask a question about sex in a marriage. One of the answers that I received was: 'confidence in a woman is a turn-on to a man.' I think the exact quote wa...


Desperate Mom

Y.R. asks from Dallas

I've been having problems with my 12old son his been having a very bad anger or probably a very low self esteem. He thinks that we do not give him any attention but w...


Need to Know How How to Cope with an Un-wanted Divorce

K.W. asks from Longview

I have 4 kids ages ranging from 8 years to 8 months (1 girl and 3 boys), My husband that I have been married to for 9 years, together with for 12 years, wants a divor...


How to Respond to Kids' Questions About My Daughter's Height

M.X. asks from Chicago

My 6 yr old is on growth hormones for her height due to gH deficiency. While she has grown some, she is still very tiny compared to other 6 yr olds. She just bega...


Negative Outlook on School Because of Mean Kids

B.W. asks from Seattle

Hi, We have our 13 year old staying with us for this school year for the first time. He has said he hates school and would rather work in a factory than go to scho...


Seeking Activities- 10 Yr Old--

S.B. asks from Nashville

I have a 10 yr old who struggles with making friends and can be emotional at times. He also struggles with self esteem issues- not sure why but he does. He is a sweet...