Self Esteem

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How to Deal with Self Doubt?

L.B. asks from Seattle

A sibling of mine recently welcomed their first child. For as long as I have had kids there have been subtle references that indicate that this sibling and their sp...


How Does Your Husband Treat You? Respect Issue

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Okay Ladies and Gents: Please bear with me as I try to get this out and organized so that you have enough information to answer either from experience or what you can...


Strength/Agility Training for Children

N.B. asks from Dallas

My son (age 7) has been involved in organized youth sports for several years now, but we are finding that he is incredibly small, weak and uncoordinated for his age. ...


R E S P E C T, Respect! Respect Other Mom's Martial Arts Choices.

P.P. asks from Chicago

My son announced today to a friend of mine and her children that he has his black belt test in Tai Kwon Do in four weeks. He has worked hard at this. Been in Tai Kw...


I Can't Date Without It Leading to Sex, HELP!

S.Q. asks from Colorado Springs

Hello friends, I'm obviously posting this anonymously because I'm very ashamed of my behavior and I want help. I'm actually a very nice girl, I'm a great mother, hard...


My Child Is Envoius

G.C. asks from Chicago

My child makes herself feel bad because she envies all her friends. This one has more money, toys, gets along better with people. etc. My daughter is a great perso...


How Can I Teach My 13 Year Old RESPECT for Adults?

A.L. asks from Clarksville

When my son was about 7 years old, his biological father gave up his rights to my husband. Therefor, my husband adopted my son (who is now 13 years old). My son and...


Advice for Mother of Teenage Girl

K.P. asks from Albany

My 13 year old daughter is very active, but quite a bit overweight. I have asked my pediatrician's advice, but she she maintains that her proportions have remained co...


Needing Some Advice...balancing Discipline with Creating a Positive Self Image

M.C. asks from Bakersfield

My six year old boy has recently started making comments like "why am I so bad" and "I hate myself I just wanna be a good kid but my brain tells me to be bad". This ...


Raunchy Tacky People

K.K. asks from San Diego

what do you say to relatives when they are being raunchy, trashy, tacky (with their body and vocabulary) I know this is way out of the Mom/children question on this w...