Self Esteem

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Body Issues, Self Esteem in Marriage

M.K. asks from Utica

Hi, I hope someone could help me move through something that is really affecting my marriage. I wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and could offe...


Low-self Esteem Mom of 2

D.M. asks from Houston

Well, Dunno know how to start and not sure if this is a question, its more of a vent.. I am a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, a 4 yr old and a 9 months old. When i was...



M.P. asks from Denver

Hey, ladies. You are always my resource when I need help, so here I am once again. This has to do with my twin boys who are five years old and finishing their first...


Feeling Low Self Esteem, Needing to Regain My Dignity

K.M. asks from Washington DC

I'm 24 years old and have a seven month old daughter named Dori. I got pregnant while serving in the Peace Corps in El Salvador and went back to live with my parents...


Self Image

T.M. asks from Johnstown

I am really struggling with my self confidence and was wondering what others did to help yourselves. I struggle with finding anything positive with myself and when I'...


Self Regulation Skills/impulsiveness/teaching Self Control

P.L. asks from Washington DC

Hi moms, Just had a parent/teacher conference and was told told I need to help my daughter manage her impulsive actions and self regulation skills and to help her re...


How to Teach a Child Self Control

C.L. asks from Washington DC

My 10 year old son has issues with self control, as in talking to friends during class time, running in the hallways, obnoxious behavior with younger friends.... Gene...



K.V. asks from Columbus

My four year old son is being bullyed by two boys in his preschool class. I have talked with the teacher and she is in the midst of talking to the other parents. I h...


The Thing

J.W. asks from St. Louis

I am not sure how many people rationally analyze things but I am driven to do so. My world must make sense. I was reading a post today and it reminded me of a post ...


Self Mutiliation

K.K. asks from Washington DC

The other night I noticed marks on my 13yo dd's lower arm that looked like a series of cuts, didn't look recent maybe 2 weeks old. When I asked her what it was she cl...