Tips for Planning a Retirement Party

Updated on June 19, 2013
L.M. asks from Lewisburg, OH
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So my father in law is retiring at the end of this month. My sister in law and I were thinking about throwing him a retirement party. First when would be a good time to throw it? Would it be ok to wait like a week or so after his actual retirement? Also he is an avid fisherman so I was thinking about throwing his party in a fishing retirement theme. So I've been searching for some ideas and haven't came up with much so I was wondering if anyone had ideas to use. For invitations I thought about finding a picture with him on a fishing trip and some how incorporating it someway. I also thought about having a trophy wall with pictures of him on his past fishing trips. Decorations of course I thought of having a fish shaped cake, putting some netting or something on the ceilings or walls then hanging lures and hooks. Food ideas of course fish would be the ideal thing to serve but what else??? Any ideas would be appreciated!

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answers from Los Angeles on

How nice of you.

Definitely hang nets on the walls.
Hang wooden signs that say "Gone Fishing", "Pier 9", "Fresh Fish" etc.
Serve shrimp cocktail, crab cakes.
Cake could be in a fish shape or have a bakery put a pitcure of him
fishing on a regular cake.
Hang those big red floating balls you seee on piers by the netting.
Hang white lights (either tiny white lights or those small round ball white
outdoor patio lights)
2 big fishing nest (the kind you hold to catch a fish) as decorations
Other decorating ideas/themes: anchor, lifesaving ring, old fashioned
boat steering wheel
Have someone give an uplifting speech on the joys of retirement & what
to look forward to in this next phase of his life.

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answers from Houston on

That is a wonderful idea!! I'm the one at our company who plans the retirement parties for our retiring employees. A couple of weeks after the retirement would be good timing.

Also, fish stories would be appreciated during the party. =) What a great idea. I'm going to have to remember this idea.

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answers from New York on

shrimp cocktail
lobster rolls

but also consider some non fishy foods such as-
tortellini with marinara
gazpacho/ bloody marys
pigs in blankets
muffin tin cheesecakes
muffin tin brownies

congrats to your FIL
F. B.

see if you can get a photo of and a note from all in attendance, to assemble together later as a scrap book. A year book of sorts for his graduation from work. to prompt people you might ask for what's the best FIL fish story you've ever heard, what is the funniest/ proudest/ most inspiring FIL work moment you've shared, at a meeting/ job site/ in the office FIL could be counted on to . . .

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answers from Houston on

GREAT! Find out when the job's celebration is and do it 2 weeks after that. Give him some time to breathe and also something to look forward to doing. I love you for loving him!

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answers from Dallas on

If he is a long term employee the company will schedule some type of party or recognition for him. But I think a family/friend/special colleague party would be a terrific idea! Two weeks after his retirement date would be great. Get a list of people he would like to invite from work and issue individual invites (unless he wants to do a blanket invite), include family and neighbors too! You could take the pictures and make a slide show and have it running on one of the TV's so people could watch during the party at their convenience. Include pictures of him and also some of him interacting with family and friends. I think I would just prepare some party favorites with a few fish dishes - tuna salad, bacon wrapped scallops. I think I would use the fishing theme on the invites-Gone Fishing! Join us to celebrate the retirement of....

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