Retirement Planning: Child

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Retirement vs College

J.G. asks from Chicago

Since there is a tension about this on the board, let's actually discuss it. Do you save more for retirement or for your kids college? Or do you save for both? And ho...


Non Working Parents and Retirement

M.L. asks from Houston

So, having recently finished the taxes... I know there are tax breaks and such on having certain retirement funds. The one my husband has doesn't work this way. But I...


Almost 5 Year Old and Leaving House

J.G. asks from Chicago

For about a month now, my soon to be 5 year old has taken her dawdling to a new level and has turned leaving the house into a power struggle. I signed both kids up f...


Retirement Gift for Teacher

J.S. asks from Cleveland

My son's 2nd grade teacher is retiring after many, many years of teaching. My son's class will be her last (my daughter also had her 2 years ago). The class wants...


Financial Planning?

A.G. asks from Chicago

Ugh!!! We have got to get on a financial plan. I have figured out that my mind does not like the term "budget"--it sounds so restrictive to me. Anyway, . . . We...


College Planning

J.W. asks from Detroit

Ok - I know that this should have been taken care of years ago, but I get so overwelmed when I try to understand all of the differences between the savings plans out ...


Financial Planning for First Baby - Book/blog Recs?

E.M. asks from New York

My husband and I are going to start trying for our first pregnancy this fall. I know there are a million great books and resources about pregnancy and parenting, but...


Planning the Rest of My Life

J.H. asks from Sacramento

How have you mamas planned your furture? Ok...Let me explain a bit further--I posted a question last week regarding happiness, which was prompted by my recently bein...


Having an Only Child

R.B. asks from Clarksville

I am the mother of a three year old boy. I am currently struggling with the decision on whether or not to have another child. My husband and I are both seriously th...


Wanting a Third Child

J.K. asks from Tulsa

I am ready to start trying for a third child. My husband doesn't want a third child due to money and he says he's too old now. He says when is it "his" turn to start ...