Mother's Retirement Gift

Updated on December 13, 2012
C.J. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi all, my mom is retiring. My siblings and I are going in on a gift for her (because of timing it kind of doubles as a Christmas gift). I know the traditional retirement gift is a clock, but her employer will give that. We tossed around an aquamarine piece of jewelry or a freshwater peal bracelent from Tiffanys. . . but a lot of back and forth still. So, what are some ideas you have?
She worked there 21 years
We have a $500 budget
No charities or gift cards (we do that for her already)
Want it to be super special, a bit "fancy" and something she doesn't already get loads of (ie pictures and frames)
her birthsone is Aquamarine
It would be nice if she could actually USE/Enjoy it daily.

Edit: right now she is spending a lot of her free time caring for my grandma (her mom) BUT she does have her second trip to Israel planned. Travlers checks could be a nice addition!! Great ideas - keep em coming!

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So What Happened?

We were able to get her a beautiful Tacori (sp) diamond neclace! She loved it and can layer it with all her other neckaces:)

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If she likes and wears jewlery, then some nice jewlery sounds perfect. If she's not a jewlery person, is there something she's planning on doing with her free time? $500 could go a long way towards supporting her passions or hobbies (nice camera, bicycle, golf clubs, a kayak, iPad or other tablet, a laptop, video camera etc.). For my dad, his gift was mostly the party that we threw him - it was a catered event with 40 guests and that's really what he wanted instead of a physical gift, so that's another consideration.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think luggage is a great retirement gift!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Does she have a bucket list? Travel is a nice gift.

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Is there a hobby that she would like to pursue during retirement? My mom just retired and was looking forward to having more time to sew. My husband and I bought her a new Bernina sewing machine as a retirement gift. Although that would exceed your budget is there a gift that would speak to a hobby of hers?

Of course if she is a jewelry person that pieces you speak of do sound nice.

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