Retirement Planning

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Striking a Balance Between Saving and Spending

J.W. asks from Chicago

Let me start by saying that I realize that this may not see like a “problem” to many of you especially in light of the last 12 months. Rather, I am trying to gai...


weBecoming A SAHM

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

We both work but I really want to be a SAHM. All my salary cover the daycare expenses, retirement fund, savings, and our medical insurance and expenses. So if I were ...


65,000/Year Income - Enough?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Do you think this is enough to raise two kids and save for retirement and pay for college? This is based on two income so need to pay for day care too. It is th...


My Hubby Recentlost His Job After 20 yrs.should He Still Contribute What He Prom

J.C. asks from New York

My husband promised to contribute $30,000 towards his daughter's wedding which is in the Spring of 2017. There are other parents to this up coming marriage that are a...


Wanting a Third Child

J.K. asks from Tulsa

I am ready to start trying for a third child. My husband doesn't want a third child due to money and he says he's too old now. He says when is it "his" turn to start ...


Family That Always Wants to Borrow Money

L.B. asks from New York

My older sister and I are very close. We talk everyday. The thing is; She is a single mother by choice. She has one in college (he pays his own way) and a highscho...


Who Do I Go to for This? Seeking Possible Financial Advisor

K.P. asks from Kansas City

I am seeking someone who can teach me about financial issues. Right now my husband and I could die and I don't know what would happen to our home, our child etc. I k...


Extended Family Vacation Suggestions

A.A. asks from New York

My two brothers and I are planning a giant family vacation in order to celebrate our father's retirement. I was hoping you all could provide me with suggestions for a...


Staying at Home - How Do You Do It???

A.V. asks from Dallas

Howdy Moms, This may be a little long-winded, but I would really like to see what you ladies might have to say. My husband and I have "ideas" about how we want out ...


Affording It All

J.V. asks from Chicago

It's that time of year when I do our 5 year financial plan, take a look at our long term financial health, and figure out our current priorities. Well, I just did ...