Religious Milestones: Meijer

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K.R. asks from Dayton

My husband and I are getting our baby baptized and are having family over after the ceremony for a celebration. I have never been to a baptism before. I know there ...


Looking for Good Bakery in Fairfield Area

P.B. asks from Cincinnati

My son's christening is coming up, and I want to find a bakery that makes good cakes. I've tried Kroger and Lo Bill cakes, and they're not the greatest. Thanks!


Did You or Are Your Currently Going Through infertility?Mother's Day Question

C.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi current and future moms! As a former infertility patient, I remember how painful Mother's Day would be for me. I remember going out to lunch on Mother's Day aft...


Birthday Party Menu

M.W. asks from Chicago

My daughter's birthday is not till August, but I am trying to get some idea of what I want to serve. I am totally lost. I know the usually pasta salad and fruit salad...


Need Menu Ideas for a Large Party

C.P. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone I'm having a surprise retirement/60th birthday for my Dad this August and need help. My plan had been to get a pig for a roast as the main course and m...


Using Online Scrapbooking Sites

A.F. asks from Detroit

I'm hopelessly uncreative and not "crafy" at all, but I'd still like to make my kids a "baby book". Has anyone used online scrapbook sites like or shutterf...


Any Lessons Learned Re: Renting a Jumpy House for a Party?

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I'm having a house party in a month and want to rent a jumpy house thingy. Any dos or don'ts? I was thinking of not getting one that includes a water ...


Food Ideas with Recipes If Needed

A.B. asks from Canton

hello everyone. first of all i want to say i love this group!! i no longer feel so alone in some of my parenting issues and it's so great to have this caccoon of info...


Brunch Ideas

K.S. asks from Detroit

Hi! I'm planning a birthday brunch for my mother-in-law on Sunday and other than having a quiche, I'm stumped for ideas! (There will be 10 people) Any great brunch r...


Milk Allergy

S.G. asks from Chicago

My son has a severe milk allergy. He is currently 10 months old on Elecare. What kind of "milk" do I give him when he turns 1? Also, what about his birthday cake :(