Communion Gift? What to Get?

Updated on March 25, 2013
M.P. asks from De Pere, WI
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Our niece's First Communion is next week. Is it customary to give a gift for this event? I grew up Catholic, so I went through First Communion and I remember getting a couple things - a prayer book, maybe a children's Bible, etc. But never was a "strong" catholic and am a member of a Methodist church now, so while I know it is an important sacrament, is it still a pretty big deal?

Any neat ideas? I plan to browse through the Christian bookstore, but just was wondering if there was something in particular that you or your child got? Hubby and I are NOT Godparents, so I am just thinking something small/not expensive, but still nice/meaningful.


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answers from Las Vegas on

We give cash to all the kids we have known who made their first communion.. 25 to 50 for those we aren't as close with and 100 for the extra close kids..

We give cash because if it's like many communions, the kids get lots of religious gifts (my son received about 4 rosaries and a few crosses)
while I am not opposed to religious stuff, I just leave that to everyone else...
Also cash allows the kids to begin saving (if they so choose) or buy whatever they want..

As I see it, cash is meaningful :)

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answers from Denver on

cash seems to be the biggest recurring 1st communion theme around here. or a saving bond.

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answers from New York on

In our church, the child gets three sacraments, all at once, comunion, confirmation and baptism (usually when they are a few months old). So my gifts are things like a "my first bible board book" or a "fisher price noah's ark."

in keeping with the noah's ark theme, could you make a charitable donation to heifer international? how about to the "smile train"?

a $5 gift card to i-tunes would probably go down well for this tween.

good luck to you and yours,
F. B.



answers from Philadelphia on

I always give money. Imagine if everyone gave a religious gift. What would you do with it all.



answers from New York on

they'd appreciate anything, a gold or silver cross (with chain), a bead to add to their bracelets (religious theme), a photo frame (communion theme) etc.



answers from Chicago on

Does she have a charm bracelet you can add to? US savings bonds via Treasury Direct website? Cash for a college fund?

One of my most treasured gifts from my first communion was a green jade cross. I plan to give my girls a jade cross when they make their confirmation. Just a thought!

Mrs. M.
Mom to 8 year old girl making her First Communion in 4 weeks.



answers from Wichita Falls on

A rosary is good. Or a small cross pendant or charm.


answers from Chicago on

Is she named after a particular saint? If so, you could find for her a children's book about that saint's life.

The "Chicken Soup" books are great. I think they have some appropriate for her age as well.



answers from Chicago on

I always do a savings bond or cash and if it is a godchild or grandchild then a picture frame for the first communion photo also.

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