Need Affordable Band/dj for Bat Mitzvah plus Other Advice!

Updated on September 29, 2010
B.P. asks from Evanston, IL
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Without going into the back story, since we set a date for my daughter's bat mitzvah our resources for the event have diminished and we need to find a way to create a heartwarming and special party for her and for the many family and friends who are planning to travel to be with us that weekend (early summer 2011). We've already changed the venue to a community center rather than a hotel and are now working on entertainment and catering. DJ's/bands are usually $3,500-4,500 and we really need to find some more affordable options. We are also open to a creative event; we don't want or need to do what "everyone" else does . . . It will be afternoon, so casual is okay.

Thanks for any referrals re entertainment and unique ideas. The only suggestions we don't need would involve help from family and friends baking, etc. We just don't have that kind of network here. Her passion is for marine animals (esp. dolphins) and saving ocean animals, reefs, etc.

Thanks for any ideas or referrals.


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answers from Washington DC on

My husband DJ's events all the time and does them for under $500 - weddings, Christmas parties, bat mtzvah's - EVERYTHING!! We are in MD, so that won't really help you, though I know he would love the work too!! Ask around your area, I'm sure there are people that do it there also. And will do it for cheap.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi B.,

One of my best friends is an MC for FLOW entertainment. If you are looking for something cheaper than going with a dj company, I know he and one of the dj's from FLOW also do sidejobs. You can call him at ###-###-#### to discuss. His name is Keenan and I have already told him you may be calling. Have a great Bat Mitzvah!



answers from Chicago on

Believe it or not a good old call to your town hall might find you some wonderful entertainment. How about contacting music schools, guitar centers, etc. I cannot imagine why there isn't some great group that just needs a little more play time for a lot less money.



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If you live in Evanston, check with either Evanston or New Trier High School (music department or otherwise) and see if there are any student deejays. I know a handful of kids at New Trier actually deejay bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, special events at school, etc. and I can imagine they'd be a fraction of the cost of a full-time deejay. Good luck!



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If you'd like a band that won't cost a fortune, Spirit is really good, and they do mostly bar and bat mitzvahs. Honestly, I can't tell you exactly what they cost, just that they're reasonable. Please let me know if you'd like a contact number!

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