Confirmation Cash Gift Amount?

Updated on September 28, 2008
J.S. asks from Lakeville, MN
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My husband is the godparent to his best friend from high school's daughter. She is being confirmed tomorrow and we are really unsure what to get her for a gift. Because we don't have much time, we will probably go with a card and cash gift. Does anyone have a suggestion on how much an appropriate cash gift would be?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your advice. We are going to go with $25-30.

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answers from Minneapolis on

$25.00 and up I'd say but whatever you can afford times are tough with the economy so people should understand.



answers from Milwaukee on

What one of my Godparents got my child for a baptism was a bond for $25.00 (which is a $50.00 bond). My child was not even a year for the baptism so her bond will have a long time to mature before she uses it. I know your husbands God child is older so this idea may not work. The gift amount is really up to you and it depends on how much you can afford. I don't think the Godparent has to do with gifts so much as quality time spent with the child.



answers from Minneapolis on

For confirmation, consider $25-50. When she graduates from high school, double that amount. That's what we've spent on non-family but close friends' kids.



answers from Minneapolis on

If you can afford $25.00, I would go with that.

If that's too much, go with the amount you can afford, even if it's $10.00.



answers from Davenport on

I realize this is probably too late but I would say about $20
In a card would be good.



answers from Milwaukee on

This is what I remember getting for confirmation...

* a nice bible that had my name 'engraved/printed' on it
* many gave cash ranging from $10 - $50
* luggage set
* nice fun towel set (2 of everything)
* a nice watch (not super expansive, but it was silver and something that was not kiddy and I could use in high school)

That was so long ago that is what I can remember... I was going away to a boarding high school so that is why I got towels and a luggage set.

I would say a card and gift card or cash of $10 is fine (or more if you can afford it).



answers from Minneapolis on

try going with a 50.00 savings bond-each holiday and bday-worked great for my kids-by time they turned 20 they had a nice little nest egg-believe they only cost 25.00



answers from Green Bay on

It really depends on a bunch of different factors. But $25.00 is a good number. You won't give too little and you won't break the bank either. A nice note about the girl and some of the wonderful qualities she has is something she will apprecaiate along with maybe a picture your 3 year old draws for her would make it more personalized :) Good Luck!

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