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Baptism Food Ideas

L.B. asks from Duluth

I am getting my daughter baptized on Nov. 11th and I need some ideas for food afterwards at my house. I am not an experienced cook so the simpler the better. Thank You


Communion Menu

T.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms! I am having my daughters communion party saturday, may 8th. I already have the favors and decorations. I was looking for a light, fun, lunch menu. Any id...


Baptism Party

C.M. asks from St. Louis

Hey mamas...looking for ideas! For my daughter's baptism, we had a party at my parents house (we lived in a pretty small house at the time) and had sandwiches, chi...


Ideas for Baptism Menu

N. asks from Minneapolis

We will be having aproximately 30 people over for an after Baptism celebration. I would like some ideas of what to serve for food. It needs to be quick and easy as we...


Need Food/snack Suggestions for a Baptism Party - 100 People

S.C. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are planning our daughter's Baptism party. We are expecting about 90 people..give or take. We will be serving lunch. I need suggestions for food that...


Religious Celebration Coming Up, and Money Is Tight

S.A. asks from Chicago

We are going to be celebrating our daughter's confirmation in April. My husband and I want to keep this a small and simple affair as we foresee money being very tigh...


Reasonably Priced Custom Invitations? Do You Use RSVP Cards Still?

M.G. asks from Chicago

Son's bar mitzvah coming up. Would like to save money on invites that typically go in the garbage & use towards other items for the event. Still want it took look nic...


Bakeries in Chicago

E.V. asks from Chicago

It will be a baptism party for my nine years old daughter. Does anyone know a reasonably-priced/cheap bakeries here in Chicago or nearby that makes beautiful and yet ...


Looking for My 3T Outfit

A.O. asks from Denver

I am attending a baptism and would like to find a nice outfit for my toddler (like a shortall or something that he can wear in warm weather). Unfortunately everything...


Looking for Good Bakery in Fairfield Area

P.B. asks from Cincinnati

My son's christening is coming up, and I want to find a bakery that makes good cakes. I've tried Kroger and Lo Bill cakes, and they're not the greatest. Thanks!