Do You Give $ for a Communion Gift?

Updated on May 24, 2012
❤.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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For a Catholic Holy Communion, do people give money?

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answers from Jacksonville on

We are Lutheran, and yes some people enclose cash in a card for the Confirmand and/or First Communicant.
My son was confirmed/had first Communion 2 years ago and received cards, cards with money, and even a card with a gift card for a restaurant. Our daughter will be confirmed this Sunday, and we are giving a keepsake box with engravings on the top to her fellow first communicant.

I don't know what is "expected" in Roman Catholic circles, but a card with cash would not be frowned upon, I am sure.


answers from Chicago on

Yes, close family members like grandparents or godparents will give Crucifx necklaces, medals, rosaries etc... Other relatives and family friends usually give a monetary gift.



answers from Seattle on

(ex-)Roman Catholic here and yes, it is perfectly fine to give money unless you are the godparent. In that case it is expected to give a religious gift.
Actual cash is preferred to a gift card. Most kids are only around 8-10 years old when they go for first communion and will save that money for later. In my case I got a good chunk of money for my first communion and that along with other savings later paid for my first car.



answers from Boston on

Yes - a card with money is a customary gift.


answers from Dallas on

I know some who give money for both, but we're Catholic, and among our friends and family money is more commonly given for a confirmation gift. For first communion a small gift is more common (a rosary, prayer book, book mark, St. Christopher medal, etc.). HTH.

*My youngest son just celebrated first communion earlier this month. :)


answers from Austin on

I don't anyone will ever scoff cash...

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