Recurring Expenses: Graco

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Help with Infant Car Seat

I should give some background. My daughter just turned 4 in January, my son was born July 08, and my sister is due with her first child in August. My question is, how long do infant car seats last? I purchased a graco travel system when my daughter was born, and I reused the infant car seat for my son (he just got tall enough to grow out of it, so he is now in a convertible car seat). I was hoping to make good use out of the travel system and give it to my sister (saves on expenses). I don't want to give her something that is unsafe,...

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2 Free Graco Snugride Carseats

Hi everyone! I have two Graco Snugride car seats (for newborns, up to about 20 lbs.), including bases, that my beautiful babies have outgrown. They are 10 months old & in good condition. I would like to give them to someone who needs them, (not someone who will turn around & sell them.) If anyone needs them, or knows of anyone who needs them, or a good charity, please contact me here. Thanks!


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All Terrain Stroller Advice

I am thinking about getting an all-terrain stroller for my 5 month old. I have a Graco that I like but I don't want to break it with our walks through the yard and trips to the fairs and friends picnics. It seems that I am strolling in grass and gravel and bumpy terrain quite frequently! I looked at a Jeep stroller that seemed to ride and push so nicely. Anyone have any other opinions?


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Graco SnugRide Infant Carseat vs Maxi-Cosi Carseat

Hi ladies, We'd decided upon the Graco Snugride carseat for our baby - after doing some research it seemed like it is a very good and safe bet. However, I'm now a little conflicted as I believe the Maxi Cosi is also very safe, and very light. Our condo is on the 3rd floor and I'm a little nervous about carrying a heavy car seat (although I think we're going to try for babywearing in a sling or similar for the most part - this would be for if our son is still sleeping in the car and I don't want to disturb him if we go somewhere.) These 2...