Recurring Expenses: Teddy Bears

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Need Advice on Baby Shower Gifts...

Ok, so I know its short notice, but I'm kind of torn on what to do about gifts for a baby shower I will be attending Sunday. It is for two ladies that I work with. One is having a girl, the other a boy.... both of them have other children. I have no problems having a shower b/c every child deserves to be celebrated. My dilemna comes in the fact that I have agreed w/ another co-worker to go in together on gifts for each of them. Here's where the problem lies.... this baby shower was originally planned as a threebie shower. The gal I'm...


Giving a Baby Shower

Ladies I need some help. I am throughing my first ever baby shower for a...

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Dirty Teddy Bears!

My now 2-yr. old received her fair share of teddy bears over the last 2 years - most of them are WHITE! Adorable, but what were they thinking?! Can anyone share their experiences/success stories with just throwing them in the washer? This is dirt that cannot be dabbed off :) Thanks!!


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Gifts or No Gifts

Moms, What do you think of a "No Gift" birthday party? I have talked to friends and had very mixed reactions on the subject so wanted to branch out of my comfort zone to get some opinions. My son (who will be 3) doesn't need anything and we felt like it would be less stress for the parents (no shopping other than a card maybe) if we did no gifts for his party. Some thought parents who did do gifts might be put off and might not invite my son to their child's party, and others said they like to give gifts b/c it gives their child a...