Recurring Expenses: Gerber

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Gerber Life Insurance?

I got this peice of mail the other day and it was for Gerber life insurance. No idea what that is? I called and asked how things work with that but I am not, in my community no one I know of gets life insurance. My kids are young we are trying to teach our oldest how important it is to save. But Life Insuarance I HAVE NO IDEA? I guess I am asking for some help to understand this. I understand when someone dies and they have this insurance it can go to unpaid bills, funeral and other unpaid expenses so in my kids case it would be there until...


Gerber Grow up Plan

I am wondering if anyone has started the Gerber Grow Up plan for their...

Cell Phones

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Baby Doesn't like Gerber 3Rd Foods (Texture)

My daughter is 9 1/2 month old and I've been trying to give her the 3rd foods meals that are chunkier and she doesn't like it at all and gags. Tonite I attempted to give her pasta primavera flavor (it has tiny pearl pastas) and she made the gagging face and I kept trying but gave her small spoonfuls and she ended up throwing it up. No big deal for her. I opened up a jar of 2nd foods and she was fine and continued to eat the new food choice. She is doing well with other solid food, so far she's had banana, cheerios, Gerber crunchies, egg...

Clothing & Accessories

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Gerber Training Pants/Waterproof Pants

Hi Mamas. I am trying to find the training pants (not pull-ups) that look like really thich underwear and the waterproof pants that go over those. My sone is 3.5 and will go EVERYTIME I take him, but is too busy doing everything to stop and go. I think he feels like he's wearing a diaper so why bother! I need a store to actually buy them in vs online as I do not have a cc that I can use. Financially strapped beyond belief right now and not spending $9.00 every 3 days on pull=ups would mean I could eat dinner more than once per week ...


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What Is Everyone Doing to Cut down Your Grocery Bill?

I keep seeing things in the news about the rising cost of groceries. I'm starting to notice how much we are spending right now on groceries and it is significant. We buy a lot of generic brands, but the one thing I can't fudge on is Organic Milk. I think what adds a lot to our costs is feeding my two children. My daughter loves macaroni and cheese and lots of other pastas and my son is just starting on solid foods. What do you suggest making for them that will last and they will like that doesn't cost a fortune? I've been buying...


Wedding on a Budget!?

We are planning an outdoor wedding for May and we are on a strict budget. I...


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Gerber Life Ins

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have signed up for the Gerber Life ins program for your litle ones. I've been getting brochures in the mail scince before my son was even born and it looks like a good plan and affordable and a great benefit to them when they turn 21. Those of you that have it, what do you think?


Gerber Life Insurance

My stepmom has offered to pay for life insurance for my two daughters. When...