Baby Things. I.E. Strollers, Highchairs, Etc. Reviews

Updated on March 28, 2011
K.S. asks from Dallas, TX
14 answers

Hi there!

We have been looking and researching for infant carseats and strollers. I really like the graco 3-1 mod stroller and it has great reviews. Do any of you have one or have used one? what did you think.

Also, should I register for a highchair? Won't that not be needed till further down the road??

What swing or bouncy did you like and do you think we would consider?

PS ( i forgot). If you delivered at Big Baylor in Downtown Dallas, did you love it or hate it??

And for the last one, what was your #1 favorite, must have item you loved and used??


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answers from Tampa on

I was a single Mom the first time around... so most of my gear was hand me downs or thrift store bought.

THis time, I did a lot of research. I wanted a 3 wheeled stroller (to go over grassy areas as well as cement) and decided on an Instep with a swivel - locking front wheel. I've not gotten it yet tho.

Car seat I got was Safety First Onboard 35 - since it'll work until 35 lbs. My petite 5 y/o daughter is just now finally to 35lbs, so I'm thinking my next one will not be a larger baby either.

Just a basic rocking motion baby swing is necessary... the lights, music, stuff - all extras that can be replaced with a radio, toys stretched across the bar handles, etc..

I like the highchair seat that fits to the actual table top. They don't take up much room and make baby feel part of the action.

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answers from Flagstaff on

I cant remember the brand of my swing, but I bought it at baby's or us two yrs ago, they still have it. It is all natural looking natural wood and green looking pattern on the actual seat part, fav things were my boppy, Dr. Brown bottles for helping with no gas, easy access zip up cotton onsies for late night changings. My # 1 FAVORITE thing was our movement censor pad that goes under the bassinet or crib mattress that tells you if your infant for some reason were to stop breathing. This was the only way that i could feel ok getting some sleep while my baby did too. Not for everyone, just the extra paranoid first time moms, just helped ME with my mommy anxiety.Oh and of course a good passy that your baby likes and will help soothe your baby. Congratulations, and good luck!

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answers from Boston on

My favorite most used item was my ergo I still use it if I take my dogs for a long walk and my son is almost 4.

My least used item was the crib I ended up cos er ing with both.



answers from Boston on

I loved our polly chicco highchair, we used it a ton right from the beginning months. It reclines so we would put our infant son in it while we ate dinner or while I was in the kitchen making dinner, he could just watch us. It's also on wheels and so if we were eating dinner and he got fussy I would sit and wheel the highchair back & forth w/ my foot while eating dinner, it soothed him.

I also loved the Woombie, by far the best swaddle!

If you're thinking of getting a baby carrier, the Ergo is a great carrier although I never used the infant insert w/ it. I used a baby bjorn in the early months and now use my Ergo everyday.



answers from Los Angeles on

we used the fisher price space saver high chair because i didnt want a big high chair. that stroller looks awesome!



answers from Dallas on

2 Favorites. 1. The Graco swing since it goes up to 25 lbs (I think that's it) and can be used much longer than most swings because of the weight max. 2. Sling. I bought the one Baylor Dallas sells in its gift shop and loved it. thing is you need to try it on with baby to ensure you get the right size. You and your little one want it snug.
I had 2 girls at Baylor. Loved it. Nurses were great and all very friendly and helpful. They've now redone everything so nothing is old. I am only also aware of Presby and was not impressed with what I experienced as a guest to a friend and listening to her. Not as warm feeling to me. Oh, ensure you learn about the Mommy and Me classes at Baylor Dallas. I think Melissa still runs them and they are GREAT and free. Well worth going. You'll feel an immediate connection with her and other new moms and trust me you'll want an outlet to as a new mom. Take care.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, register for a high chair - you may use it sooner than you realize. Even if baby isn't eating solids yet, he/she can join you at the table and you can eat with two hands! Or sit and watch you cook!

I didn't like the swings we had - get one of the ones that reclines a lot for newborns. The ones we had didn't recline enough and went too fast for us to use for newborns (Fischer Price -but I think they've changed theirs since '06).

I used two different bouncies and I think it has to do with the child - which you don't know until you put them in it. So just find one you like - that vibrates and if it has toys make sure you can take them off if they overwhelm baby.

I'm not sure I had a favorite gift - but one thing I didn't have was a sling and I bought one and loved it. I used it all the time with #1 - and occasionally with the twins - but it was really a lifesaver when I used it. Also loved the Rainforest tummy time mat - the twins loved it and they both fit on it!



answers from Dallas on

The one piece of baby equipment I wish I could have a do-over on was the diaper bag. I recommend a bag that has one-hand access to the main compartment. We had one with velcro and there were many times where we were holding the baby in one hand and needed something out of the bag, but couldn't get into it because it took two hands to rip apart the velcro. I would look for something that has magnetic closures on the flap of the main compartment.

I also recommend a video baby monitor - worth the money not to have to get up and see about every noise the baby makes.

I would also recommend registering for everything! High chairs are a moderate-expense, something for the grandparents.

The one thing our baby really liked was the Fisher Price aquarium and mobile for the crib. Those lasted almost through the first year until he could reach them. My wife's mom is handy with the sewing machine and made bumpers, curtains, and matching things for around the room. The bumpers came out when the baby started to turn over and move around - about 7 months old I think.



answers from Detroit on

By far our favorite/must have item was the Soothing Wonders Glider by Fisher Price. I have twin boys (3 1/2 now!) and they both had extremely bad reflux (and were born preemies at 30 weeks). They slept in those gliders everywhere! We placed the gliders on the bassinet part of each pack n' play when they slept in our room, or on the floor near the couch, or just ANYWHERE. It really help their gas/reflux and we used them for well over a year, if not more!
Definately register for a highchair. You will need it before you know, and will be able to use it all over the house, not just at the kitchen table :)
I don't think you can go wrong with a bouncy and our swing was a papoose type by fisher price I think, I would have to check if you really were interested. Again, a great product.
As these were/are our first children, I did a TON of research and looked every single item I registered for on Consumer Reports and went from there.
Congrats, and enjoy!!



answers from Victoria on

Register for the highchair even though most use later on, I got the kind that can recline for bottle feeds and had locking wheels. I would put mine in the high chair and recline it a bit and roll them in the bathroom in the morning while I put on my makeup and i could then watch them and talk with them while i got dressed. i also did this for a real quick shower and just kept door open a smidge. used this up until about 2ish I then would roll into kitchen where I got breakfast and it worked well for me. Best thing ever was a diaper changing station. i loved not having to bend over or get on the floor for every diaper change and I loved that everything was right there. i actually had it in the living area and not in the bedroom. What few friends I had come over may have laughed, but they felt comfortable about changing their child's diapers as well and I didn't have to worry about anyone changing their child on my suede leather couch or new carpet, which I've seen plenty of people do and for the most part, not a big deal, but there is always that chance of something going terribly wrong!! LOL

I was spoiled, i used the bouncy, swing, exersaucer, jumper, high chair and play pen daily and rotated baby in each one for no longer than 20-30 minutes a day and it seemed to help them develop their muscles faster. both my children were fast walkers at 8 & 9 months and i think it was this rotation thing that did it since their genetics aren't the same (we adopted).

Best of luckk to you.



answers from Dallas on

When looking at the carseats and stroller and pack and play- pay attention to the weight.

We had a chicco keyfit 30 system and a chicco pack n play and I really wished we had gotten less expensive graco items.

The carrier on the chicco is one of the heaviest - two or three pounds more doesnt seem like such a big difference, but when you are lugging the baby around in the thing, in Texas, in August, you may wish that it was lighter. Also, its so heavily padded that I couldnt really get my car cool enough to get the baby cool. I'm not sure if other carseats are better for hot weather, but it was always sad to pull my little newborn out of the carseat, and to have her onesie soaked through with sweat.

Also - both of my kids outgrew the height limit WAY before the weight limit.

We had the chicco pack n play, and it was so big and bulky and it didnt really have a good mobile. I would definitely skip the big pack n play and just get a light weight one with a mobile. We used a cheap graco one at my sisters house and it folds up and down so easily and just takes a second to assemble either way.

I loved my Tiny Love mobile for the crib.

Also - you DONT need to have a bumper for your crib. The baby can never really sleep in there with it - its supposed to be a suffocation hazard.

Ditto on the Ergo baby carrier - I have both that and the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo is DEFINTELY better. Its not so good with little babies, but from about 6 months on I really like it. I carry my 14 month old in it all the time, and even carried my son when he was over two.

My kids both hated our big full size swing but like the little fisher price portable swing. I think, for the savings in money and living space, I would register for a little portable swing.

Sure - register for a high chair and also eating supplies (bowls, bumpkins bibs, spoons, sippy cups, etc). Six months will be here before you know it.



answers from Provo on

The Woombie Swaddle!!!!!!!!!!! I almost went insane before I found this product!!! Any swaddle is nice, but this one still let the baby move around still, like as in a womb, but it keeps them from hitting their face which is the main cause of a baby waking up after a few minutes.
I personally wish I had a high chair while my son was a newborn. I couldn't carry they swing everywhere in the house. They make some that recline and have extra padding for infants. This way my son could be near me while I cook, and not practically on the floor like with a bouncer. Which I like bouncers, but not while cooking.



answers from Allentown on

I feel much safer using a convertible carseat than an infant bucket seat. There's less room for user error with a 1-piece seat, and it saves you from spending money on a bucket they'll outgrow relatively quickly.
*That said*, I am using a Graco Snugride 35 for my infant right now. It's not safe to use bulky winter coats/suits under carseat straps, and we don't have a garage to help keep warm while strapping the baby in and rearranging blankets, so we felt this was the better option for the winter. As soon as it warms up, we'll be going back to a convertible.

For swings, I highly recommend searching for a crank or plug-in model, but they're hard to find in stores (You can check Amazon). Or at least buy rechargeable batteries! It's taken us 5 kids and countless batteries to realize this @@.

We won't be buying a high chair for many more months, but it never hurts to register for one if you have the storage space!

My all-time favorite items after 5 kids' worth of experience - cloth diapers, Moby wrap, and Boppy pillow!



answers from Kansas City on

I love our Chicco car seat and strolller system. It's rated as one of the safest, and is so easy to use. What I liked best about it is how easy it is to recline the seat in the stroller. It's the only model I saw that you just pull up the handle, all the others you have to deal with a string thing. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but look at how they recline when you are looking at them. It's just so nice to quickly lay it down to change a diaper, or if they fall asleep. I also love our Chicco polly highchair, and I would definitely register for it, they are expensive! This highchair also has an easy reclining feature for when they are little, and is so easy to clean.

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