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Car Seat and Umbrella Stroller

D.L. asks from Chicago

My son is seven months old and he has outgrown his infant car seat. He is 19 lbs and 29 ½ inches long. Can anyone recommend a good car seat and an umbrella strolle...


Car Seat Delima!

H.A. asks from Denver

Hi mamas, my husband and I are struggling with what kind of car seat to get, we received a big car seat as a gift, but are wondering if a infant seat with stroller co...


Britax Convertible Car Seat or Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat?

J.M. asks from San Diego

When deciding on which car seat to buy prior to the birth of twins, is it better to invest in two convertible car seats from the start that they can grow into (and ho...


Worth the Money to Get a New Car Seat?

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

My son, who was born only 17 months ago, used a Graco Snugride from a travel system (and we were very happy with it!) for his first 7 months of life, and when he outg...


Need Recommendations for Car Seat and Stroller

J.J. asks from Omaha

We're having our 5th baby in January. After 14 years of baby products, it's out with the old and in with the new. There are so many new products out there that seem...


Best Stroller and Car Seat for 1 Yr. Old

N.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, My daughter will be one in a few weeks, and I wanted to hear from all the moms about which stroller and car seat is best. She is almost grown out of her in...


Recommendation for Infant Car Seat and "Snap N' Go" System

A.A. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know of a highly rated infant car seat (besides Britax). I'm expecting my first child and don't know which one to get. Also, what are the pros and cons of...


Picking Our First Car Seats

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

I am expecting twins in June and I'm starting to research which car seat I should get. Unfortunately, money IS an issue, so I'd like to get one that is relatively aff...


ISO Feedback on Britax Travel Systems

M.H. asks from San Francisco

The Britax brand carseat was recommended to me by my midwife-- I would like to hear any feedback about the Companion carseat and which stroller, if any, you used with...


Looking for Stroller Suggestions from Experienced Moms

E.H. asks from Minneapolis

Now that my daughter is starting to sit unsupported, I am thinking about getting a new stroller. Right now I have the Graco Glider Stroller that is compatible with m...