Rear-Facing: Baby Einstein

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Car Seat Trouble

L.L. asks from Nashville

My daughter is almost six months old and is in her rear facing car seat. The weight and hight on it is 5-22 pounds and 19-29 inches she is 17 pounds and and 24 inches...


Car Seat

C.A. asks from Dallas

I have a 9 1/2 mos little boy and he we have already put him in the bigger car seat that they can use up to 40lbs. My question is when is it ok to switch him from fac...


Car Seat

S.B. asks from Portland

OK i hope that i am not the only one out there with this problem but every time I put my little girl in the car seat she screams. Why? She is almost 3 months old now ...


Infant Cries Hysterically in Car Seat HELP!

M.O. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 10 weeks old and weighs approx 12 - 13 lbs; she becomes hysterical in her car seat. We have the Graco metrolite Travel System. She becomes agitated w...


Help! Car Seat Anxiety

S.G. asks from Reno

I have a 3 month old baby girl who is getting over a major case of colic, but now has now gotten an extreme aversion to her car seat. Whenever she is put into her car...


Fight Getting into the Car Seat.

B.V. asks from Los Angeles

Our 16 month old always puts up a huge fight when put into her car seat. getting the harness snapped is hard work. She does this in all circumstances. We have four se...


Car Seat Crier

K.L. asks from Phoenix

My son is almost 2 months old and HATES his car seat. We live in Phoenix so it is hot in the back of the car facing backward (this may be a source of the problem). Mo...


Help My Daughter Hates Her Car Seat

S.E. asks from Orlando

My daughter is 14 weeks old and hates her car seat. We have tried everything from sitting in the back with her, a toy bar, playing lively music to ignoring her. She j...


My Little One HATES the Car Seat!

E.L. asks from Chicago

I need advice on helping my 11-week old daughter cope with the car seat. From the moment we put her in it she has a screaming fit! Often lasting upwards of an hour w...


10 Wk Old Unhappy in Car Seat

K.K. asks from Boston

We have a Graco Snugride car seat, and my 10 wk old daughter cries uncontrollably when in it. She screams, cries, tearing, red faced, fist shaking, to the point of a...