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Updated on January 16, 2008
M.H. asks from San Francisco, CA
4 answers

The Britax brand carseat was recommended to me by my midwife-- I would like to hear any feedback about the Companion carseat and which stroller, if any, you used with it-- I have been looking at the Vigour and the Preview.

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answers from Sacramento on

Congratulations on your soon to be here baby. The nice thing about the Britax rear facing infant seat is that it will accomodate taller babies by about 2 inches. Lets you use it longer - my daughter grew out of her first Graco by 6 months, even though she was still in the weight category. I'm sorry I don't have info about compatible stroller systems, I know people who use a Kolcraft car seat carrier with it, but that's all it's for - can't use it as a regular stroller later. You might want to think about having a baby sling for carrying your baby while you are out and about. I found it frustrating to have a crying baby in a car seat stroller and would end up carrying her and pushing the stroller. Crazy.



answers from Yuba City on

I can't say anything about the Britax infant seat(we used Peg Perego). But We have used the Roundabout and Marathon (I love the fact you can buy extra seat covers). These are both great seats I have a 4yr old son who is quite tall and he can still fit in the Marathon But he wanted a big boy seat. So now we use the Britax Monarch Booster seat. As you can see we are one of Britax greatest fans. The seats hold up so well I gave the Roundabout to my friend and the Marathon to my sister.



answers from San Francisco on

I used consumer reports baby gear guide (bought on amazon) to choose my travel system and found it to be helpful beyond belief. Graco Snug-ride is by far the safest option for infant seats. It passed all safety testing and ranked very high for ease of use. Britax Roundabout won out for the convertable seat catagory.
We purchased our carseats from a specialty store rather than from a baby superstore and for the $5-10 more that they cost, we got someone to bring all the different models out and put them in our smaller suv. The sales person was knowledgeable and know the consumer reports stats that I had spent so much time researching. The sales people were also willing to bring the strollers out and help us load them in and out of the trunk area and set them up/break them down.
I highly recommend asking for that kind of help. It allows you to see if a system will really work for you or not.

I love the Britax which my son used since 6 months. He is long for his age (110 percentile) and fit well in the seat when it was in the rear facing possition. He is now 2.5 yrs and still uses his seat. It is large and bulky if you take it on airplanes, but we love it for the ease of it's latch system. Sorry I have no feedback on the Britax infant seat. We were just not impressed with it's mediocre safety status.



answers from San Francisco on

I did a lot of research before buying the carseat and stroller.
I have Peg Perego Infant carseat for my baby up to 4mos/20lbs and Britax Roundabout after that.
For stroller, the Evenflo Journey actually scores as one of the top on Consumer Report list. Good quality and great price.

The vigour is pretty but didn't score so high on the Consumer Report rating. If you decide to get it anyway, make sure you can use it till your baby about 40-50lbs.

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