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Updated on August 01, 2007
J.K. asks from Elgin, IL
4 answers

Does anyone know of anywhere not to far from the DeKalb area to buy a used rear facing car seat (not an infant seat he is to big for that)

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answers from Chicago on

Once Upon a Child is not allowed to sell used car seats for the reason stated before... Because if a car seat is in a accindent, but no visable damage you are still not to use it... If you really want a used car seat you will have to look at garge sales but just be careful... Good luck



answers from Augusta on

It's considered dangerous to buy a used seat. It may have been in an accident and have cracks that you can't see. Then if you are in an accident it will not protect your child. You have no way of knowing that seat's history.

If money is an issue there are a lot of programs that can help out. Maybe try calling your local police station or hospital to see if they can refer you somewhere. I know we got a front/rear facing seat at K-Mart for around $40 a couple of years ago if that is at all affordable for you. I wouldn't worry about getting a well-known name. Some really expensive seats like Britax actually do not perform as well as the cheapie Evenflo seats in tests.



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From what I've read/heard it's not recommended to use a used car seat - even if you check for recalls. Unless you know where they come from (your sister or a friend, etc) - hidden damage from a crash could be a safety risk.

In some states, it's illegal to sell used car seats - not sure about Illinois, though.

Just wanted to let you know.




answers from Chicago on

you can check once upon a child, there are a lot of them around and I think they might have car seats, also craigslist or garage sales in your area (Just make sure that the product has not been recalled for some reason).
Good Luck

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