Rear-Facing: Princess

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Infant Car Seat Vs. Convertible Car Seat

J.S. asks from Phoenix

I'm a first-time Mom to be (in April) and have been trying to figure out what type of car seat to buy. I've had several people tell me their children grew out of the...


My Little One HATES the Car Seat!

E.L. asks from Chicago

I need advice on helping my 11-week old daughter cope with the car seat. From the moment we put her in it she has a screaming fit! Often lasting upwards of an hour w...


What Is the Best Convertible Carseat?

S.T. asks from Phoenix

My 8 month old son is about to out grow his infant carrier. I need to buy a carseat that will face in the rear position, switch to forward facing, and hopefully go i...


Looking for a Convertible Carseat

L.H. asks from Stockton

Just wanted to get some input on a convertible carseat that my lil princess will soon be needing. I have an Expedition and wanted some advice on which ones will fit ...


Looking for Ideas to Help with My Sons New Carseat

A.P. asks from Birmingham

My son is a large 8 month old. He is super tall and weighs in at 23 1/2 lbs. We moved him to the big boy carseat (a graco) and took our first road trip this weekend...


Questions About Car Seats

A.K. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone. I have a questions about car seats. My two and half year old (who weighs about 30 pounds) has a car seat she cannot stand to ride in (actually, I hate ...


Clueless About Car Seats

P.K. asks from St. Louis

I have a daughter who just turned 5 years old (approx. 40 lbs)...does she still need to be strapped into a carseat, or is it time for a booster seat? She doesn't loo...


The Best Booster Seat

P.N. asks from Detroit

I am interested in moving my daughter to a new seat (which is my sons old car seat), so I want to get a booster seat for my son. He just turned three. I've looked a...


Britax Roundabout or Marathon???

L.H. asks from Stockton

Hey ladies, a few days ago I put in a request for info on carseats. I had my heart set on the Britax Roundabout and just recently purchased one. Our little princess...


Britax Marathon Vs. Regent???

K.Y. asks from Jacksonville

Can anyone tell me their pros & cons with the Britax Marathon versus the Britax Regent? I know the Marathon only goes to 65 lbs and the Regent goes to 80 lbs, but ot...