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Updated on October 28, 2007
E.H. asks from Circle Pines, MN
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Now that my daughter is starting to sit unsupported, I am thinking about getting a new stroller. Right now I have the Graco Glider Stroller that is compatible with my Graco Snug Ride infant car seat. The stroller worked great for me at first because it was so easy just to move her from the car to her stroller without having to get her out of the car seat, but now I'd like something that is a little nicer. My Graco Glider Stroller is squeaky and hard to maneuver.

Here are the features I'm looking for in a stroller:
1. Has multiple settings for the seat recline (my current stroller can only lay flat or sit straight up at a 90 degree angle - no in betweens)
2. Has a tray and cup holder up by the handle to hold my personal belongings
3. Is fairly heavily padded to keep my baby cozy.
4. Is EASY TO MANEUVER, even one-handed - this is really important to me!
5. Is good for running errands and also for walks on rough terrain.
6. Has a 5-point harness - also very important to me!
7. Is $200 or less.
8. Is comfortable for a short (5'3") woman to push.
9. Can take a beating - I'm pretty hard on stuff!

Not that I'm picky or anything... :)

The overall weight and size when folded down are not really that important to me. I have a large vehicle to store the stroller in.

If you know of a stroller that "fits the bill" or comes close, please let me know! There are just so many options out there and I don't want to buy a second stroller only to wind up disappointed with it. Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your quick responses! I went out to Babies R Us today and found that I really like the Maclaren Triumph. I'm going to buy one of those organizers made for the stroller (found it on Amazon.com) which has 2 cup holders built into it as well as a pocket for extra stuff.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The Maclaren Volo stroller is great for sidewalks or quick trips to the mall. It also is a breeze to take on an airplane, if that is important to you. The storage basket under the seat is small, but I've found that I carry less now that my son is a toddler. This might be too much of the classic "umbrella" stroller for your needs.

We also have a Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller that I still use for trips to the mall or walks on bumpy terrain. It has a cup holder, decent storage basket, reclining seat, snack tray, and steers perfectly. It also has a step on the back that an older child can ride on. It is a great stroller, and I wouldn't have bought another except that I wanted one that fit better into the overhead compartment on an airplane. They are both umbrella strollers, although the Peg is quite a bit bigger. Even so, the Peg is around 15 lbs, which is light compared to similar models. I bought mine inexpensively on ebay as a closeout from last season.



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm probably not going to be telling you something you want to hear, but I do LOVE my stroller. I bought the Bugaboo Gecko. Yes it was expensive but, having watched numerous friends go through several strollers with their children, I think we're still coming up at a lower price point and have ultimately been happier.

The Bugaboo doesn't have a tray, but I haven't found a need for it. You can get a cup carrier attachment, but we also decided we didn't really need that. We did buy the bag holder clips for the stroller and love them.

Our stroller was super easy to use right away. We had a bassinet attachment which we would use at home. I could simply put the stroller together and let my baby sleep in the bassinet at home when she was tiny. It was fantastic because I could easily move her around the house with me. We bought the car seat adaptors so we could keep her in her Peg Perego car seat whilst we were out. The car seat attached (and detached from) into the stroller frame with one little click. Bugaboo also sells adaptors for the Graco car seat.

When my baby outgrew her first car seat, we swapped out the bassinet attachment for the seat attachment. The stroller comes with both attachments. The seat is a basic nylon which cleans easily. We bought that little polar fleece zip bag which fits into car seats and strollers, which was genius. I didn't get the Bugaboo brand one because it was more expensive and the other one was perfectly fine. Sorry I'm at a loss as to the brand. It kept our baby warm in her Peg Perego journeys. We didn't really use it once we switched to the next seats because coats and blankets were easier. Plus, she was really into her blanket by that time.

I never have stroller envy when I'm out. I've had many friends comment that my stroller operates more easily than theirs. It has taken a beating and still looks great. There are many options for seating configuration... three seat tilts in both forward and rear facing positions. I can use the stroller with four wheels or two. If I'm on rugged terrain, I can have the two big wheels at the front of the stroller for traction. On regular terrain, the small two wheels are at the front and it turns with no effort using one hand.

I'm currently expecting my second baby and we're trying to decide whether to get a double stroller or the skate board attachment, so my older child can step on and ride our existing stroller. I'm leaning toward the skate board because there isn't anything else out there which I think I'd like this much.



answers from Minneapolis on

You may not be nuts about getting another Graco, since you're not thrilled with yours. However, we love our Graco Metro Lite. I got it because it is the lightest travel system stroller. Turns out it is easy to maneuver, fairly innexpensive, has lots of room for stuff, and a nice big awning to keep sun out. We really like this one. Here's a link to Babies R Us http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2400875
Good luck finding a good match!



answers from Minneapolis on

One that you might want to look into is the Kolcraft Contours Options 3. I have this stroller in addition to a Peg Perego Aria (because unlike you, size and weight are really important to me). But it sounds it may fit all your other criteria. Also, the seat can be moved so it's either facing forwards or backwards so she can see you! My son loves this feature. I haven't been able to find this in any stores, I bought it online (JC Penny - but there are many other sites). It is a bummer cause you don't really know exactly what you're getting till it arrives. Let me know if you have any questions.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi E.,

I know you've already received a ton of responses and made a decision, but I just wanted to give you a heads up on this.

Yesterday, I was at the Once Upon A Child store in St. Louis Park (off hwy 100 & Excelsior) and there were TONS and I mean TONS of baby strollers there. Since we are happy with our double stroller (we have twins) we didn't look specifically at brands or anything with the single strollers, but it might be worth checking out as a means to save some money!

PS - for other Moms out there, they had quite a few double strollers and even some TRIPLE strollers, so if you need one or knows someone who needs one I would highly recommend stopping by there!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi E. ,
I agree with the Maclaren. They are comfortable for the baby, and they are so much easier for the parents! They are upscale spendy umbrella strollers but they are of higher quality than the expensive stroller that we bought because we needed it. If I had it to do over again, I would have skipped the big expensive stroller that I bought to go with the car seat and bought a used one for that six months where they need the support. Then I would have bought a nice Maclaren and a nice jogging stroller. I don't really use the nearly 300 dollar stroller that I purchased for the car seat.



answers from Madison on

E. -
Smart move to get advice before buying a stroller. I sure wish I had before. I have since developed a stroller addiction and own six! None of which are all that great . . .



answers from Minneapolis on

I have owned tons of stroller and carseats just could never find the right fit. I've finally narrowed it down to 2 brands.


Strollers- Maclaren! I bought a secondhand Maclaren Daytripper, I know it doens't have a cup holder but you could probaly find a aftermarket one to attach. This is best stroller I have ever owned. I just gave it away to a friend with a 9mo. old but my 6 year old still fit in it just didn't need it anymore. It has the highest weight limit like 55lbs or something. It didn't give me a backache to push because the handles are up high, it maneuver's like no other. It was a breeze to push. I had started out with my Graco stroller because of the infant carseat too and when my daughter was about 2 years old it was just to heavy and clunky to push around. Maclaren is totally worth the money, and I'm a single parent so I don't have money to throw around but in this case it's worth it. I think you'll get your money out of it by using it alot longer than a standard stroller. I'm also 5-3 and the height was perfect.



answers from Minneapolis on

I LOVE strollers and I have owned most brands and always do tons of research. I personally think getting a Maclaren is the way to go. You could go with the triumph or the for a little more you could get the quest. You can buy an after market parent organizer if it is really important to you. I know I was frustrated trying to find a good stroller with the parent tray and none of the good strollers had them. I ended up getting a Maclaren Volo and bought a babu tray to put on myself. I have never pushed anything that maneuvers as well as a Maclaren!!!!!!! And if folds truly one-handed and is super light. And I am 5'1" and it works well for me.

I would not waste your money on a peg perego as I have owned a few and they are not worth the money.

oh, and Combi are good too!

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