Rear Facing Carseat and Sun

Updated on May 03, 2011
S.P. asks from Rye, NY
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I have a 2.9 year old daughter who is very small.
I kept her rear facing until she was close to or over 2 because she was small.
I turned her around for two reasons: 1) her feet were crunched 2) she kept getting the sun in her eyes.
I tried various covers for the rear window, but nothing seemed to help much.

With the new recommendations, I've considered turning her around again (as noted, she's very small), but summer is coming, I have a Honda Civic, and the sun shines right into her face.

I'm not sure how turning around will go over in reality, although she's agreed in practice, but I know that if she has sun in her eyes, it will not work.

Any suggestions?

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answers from Cleveland on

I strongly suggest sunglasses, the sun is terrible for little eyes, my 5 month old wears sunglasses whenever we leave the house unless it is overcast. It's a great practice to start young that could save her a lot of eye trouble later on.

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answers from Anchorage on

She is almost 3 and has a much stronger neck than when she was a baby, if it were me I would just leave her as she is, but if you decide you want to turn her, just get her some sunglasses and a hat.

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answers from Los Angeles on

What are the tinting laws in your state? See how dark you can go then tint them?
Does she wear sunglasses? My daughter (a little over 2) just started wearing sunglasses. In a few more months I am going to get her REAL ones with UV protection and not the cheap plastic ones.
Hope this helps.

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answers from Chicago on

Is it possible to get your back window(s) tinted to solve this?

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answers from Albuquerque on

Sunglasses and a hat! Just make sure you get her sunglasses with UV protection. The fake kids ones that are just plastic are just about the worst thing you can do to your child - because they make the world darker the pupil opens up more and actually allows more UV rays in than if the child wasn't wearing sunglasses. With UV protection glasses, the pupil opens up, but the glasses block the UV.

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answers from New York on

They make sunshades/tinted screens for the rear window. You can also try sunglasses with your daughter, she is nearly 3 and can manage those.



answers from Washington DC on

My DD likes her hat and sunglasses, and the sun is not 100% in her face. There are plenty of times it's in MY face instead! One Step Ahead has some great sun stuff for kids.



answers from San Francisco on

you can have your rear window professionally tinted, or you can use tint film from an auto supply store. We have a 1997 Civic and used the First Years rear window sun shade that looks sort of like this one although I think it was less expensive (but then, my kids are 9YO now so I'm remembering a price from almost 10 years ago!)



answers from Chattanooga on

I had a cousin who got a screen and cut it in the shape of her window, then rolled the window up on it, so the entire thing was covered without over-tinting it. It cut out a LOT of the sun!

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