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S.J. asks from St. Louis

What do you moms use for teethers? Have you found anything that works well? We have a few store-bought teethers at home and they just don't fit well in baby's mouth...


Safe Teethers

A.W. asks from Dallas

I am looking for teethers that are safe for my baby. I have several and they all seem go over well with my baby, however my doctor suggested that I find some that are...


Late Teether

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

My son who's now 16 months only has "one" tooth. His first tooth came out at 14 months and hasn't had another since. The 2nd one on the bottom has been trying to co...


My Daughter Hates Her Teethers

S.E. asks from New York

my daughter is a little over 5 months old, for the past month or so she has been furiously chomping away on her fingers. She will chomp down so hard sometimes she wi...


Did You Have a Late Teether?

S.M. asks from Tampa

I was wondering if there were any mommies out there who had late teethers? My son will soon be 9 months old and is still toothless :-) When did your children's tee...


Late Teether

J.L. asks from Kansas City

I was just wondering if any of you had late teethers. Conner is 15 months old and only has his top two and bottom two teeth. No signs of any more coming through. I am...


Think Its Time to Go Buy Some Teethers??

S.E. asks from New York

i have a couple of questions here.. First, is drooling really a sign of teething? My cousins 5month old just got his second tooth and we were talking about him teet...


My 19 Month Old Is Biting Me

S.M. asks from Lakeland

My 19 month old is biting me. He does it when he can't do something or I tell him no. I have tried timeout, talking to him on his level and crying showing that it hur...


16 Month Old with Only 8 Teeth?

N.D. asks from New York

Hi moms! My daughter is 16 months old and only has eight teeth. I know there must be wide ranges when then the other teeth come in, but I wonder if this is common? Ha...


BPA Free Teethers?

L.S. asks from Austin

Hi, with all the scare about BPA should I be looking for BPA free teether toys for my 6mo. old?? It seems that if the risk of BPA transmission is highest with repe...