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Toys for 12 Month Old

I have been asked to make a Christmas list for my daughter who by the time Christmas comes along will be 12 months. I am looking for ideas ... maybe your child had a toy they really enjoyed. She is trying to walk now and crawls all over the place. She really likes Dora but I like to try to also do some educational toys that she would also enjoy.


Toys All Over

If the kids are are toddler, preschool and preschool, do I let it go and...


Toys or No Toys?

My DH and I both read a book called Anastasia. He has now decided it is a...

Activity Centers

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Need Recommendations for Intellitainer-exersaucer-activity Center Type Toys

Hi, Moms! My daughter is 6 1/2 months old and has just outgrown the baby swing. We need to get her an activity center where she sits in it and can play. My son had the intellitainer but I don't have it anymore. What do you Mom's think is the best one to buy? It doesn't need to be pink, just exciting and fun for her. Please let me know what cool things you have found. Thanks!!

Arts & Crafts

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Safe Arts & Crafts for Babies

Looking for fun, safe arts & crafts ideas for our 8 month old. Just a little something to start tapping into her artistic side. Everything she plays with goes in her mouth. I've seen non toxic finger paints in stores but of course they're not going to say it's edible. Any creative ideas? One friend suggested crayons as the least harmful? Pudding? Or just good old finger paints under close supervision? Thanks!


Arts & Crafts

When I was growing up, we used to do the same decorations or handprints year...

Bath & Water Toys

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Bubble Bath Products?

What is the best (super bubbly) bubble bath brand, that doesn't seem to be toooo harsh?


Bubble Bath Question

When I get a cold I love taking a hot bubble bath but know bubble baths can...


Bubble Bath on Carpet

My kids spilt a half bottle of bubble bath on the carpet. I have no idea how...

Bikes & Scooters

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Repainting a Scooter

I thinking about getting my 5 yr old boy a 2 wheel scooter like the razor or something for Christmas this year. He currently has a Red Lightning McQueen 3 wheel scooter that his 3 yr old sister likes to ride around. I was thinking that if I got him one I could repaint his pink/purple or something girly and re gift it to his sister. But I've never repainted anything. Is it worth it to repaint, is it even possible? Your thoughts....


Riding a Bike

I am so beside myself on what it takes to teach a 10 year old how to ride a...

Blocks, Balls & Rings

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Hands-On Building Toys (That Are Not Legos) Recommendations

My 7 y/o son likes to do things with his hands. Though he likes Legos, he prefers toys that allow him to use his own creativity. He plays with his Lincoln Logs and also doubles the Jenga pieces to build stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have something called Magnext(magnetic marbles and interlocking plastic pieces) from overseas but I haven't seen them in stores here.


Do You Love Legos?

so my 6 year old son is really into legos and is always wanting to show me...


Legos Legos Legos

Anyone have an awesome way that they organize their kid's legos??? My son...

Building Sets

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Hands-On Building Toys (That Are Not Legos) Recommendations

My 7 y/o son likes to do things with his hands. Though he likes Legos, he prefers toys that allow him to use his own creativity. He plays with his Lincoln Logs and also doubles the Jenga pieces to build stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have something called Magnext(magnetic marbles and interlocking plastic pieces) from overseas but I haven't seen them in stores here.


Do You Love Legos?

so my 6 year old son is really into legos and is always wanting to show me...


Legos Legos Legos

Anyone have an awesome way that they organize their kid's legos??? My son...

Cars & Trucks

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Where Did You Buy Your Last Used Car?

I've almost always used craiglist when buying cars. I've had pretty decent experiences. However, now that I'm looking to buy a newer used vehicle, I was thinking of going to Drive Time, since a lot of our friends had great experiences with them. I've never bought from a 'dealer' and don't know if you can still haggle like you can with people on craigslist ;)


Buying a Used Car

I am looking to purchase a 2007 Nissan Altima, the think is that this car...


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My Son Has a Doll

The last time we were at Wal Mart I told my 5 year old son he could choose a toy. He chose a baby doll that you can feed. I had my reservations, but I bought it for him. In the spirit of multiculturalism he chose a doll that speaks Spanish and a boy w/a doll crossed the gender barrier as well. I was nervous about it, but I see it as a positive thing. His dad is pretty absent. My son has fed the doll and put it to bed and been the daddy. I think it's positive that he is rehearsing a male role that was never modeled for him with his...


The Doll Test

First off let me say that I am African-American and someone who wants to...

Educational Toys

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In Need of Good Educational Videos

My three and a half year old no longer naps. *sigh* So, we've resorted to rest time on the couch while watching a movie. She needs the down time or she is really cranky by mid-afternoon. Well, I really don't want to let her watch drivel for two hours every day, so I'd like some good suggestions for educational videos. We have Planet Earth, Life, various Leap Frog videos, and we're planning on getting Blue Planet, but don't have it yet. Anybody have any other suggestions? I don't want to do the TV shows like Nick Jr., PBS, etc. Thanks!


Baby Einstein Videos

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding...


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I Can't Stand Candyland! Need Ideas for Other Games!

Hi Moms, I have a little girl who will be three in one week. I stay home with her and really enjoy it. However, she loves games and I think I will go crazy if I have to play Candyland or Chutes and Ladders one more time. We also have Memory and the card game Go Fish (these I don't mind). I am hoping that some of you great moms will be able to suggest some other three year old appropriate games for us! (We are all set when it comes to arts and crafts, reading, make believe, etc. It is just game time that has me stumped!! ...


Toddler Board Games

I want to get some more board games for my boys, ages 6 and 2 1/2. We enjoy...

Jumpers & Walkers

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Searching for Best Doorway Jumper

I am going to purchase a doorway jumper. Does anyone have any suggestions of which brand to buy or to stay away from? Thank you!


Walker or Jumparoo?

I LOVE when babies are in walkers! Its so cute! I love them being able to...

Lunch Box & Thermos

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Stinky Lunch Box

My son left his lunch box at school for 5 days. Unfortnately, he didn't close his thermos all the way and the orange juice in it spilled into the lunch box. It is an insulated cloth LLBean lunchbox. Well, now it reaks something awful. Does anyone know how I can remove the smell? I really can't afford a new one right now as I only bought this one about 4 weeks ago. I've tried baking soda all over the outside and soaking on the inside and its removed the smell a good bit to where its just a slight light odor but I can still smell it and...


Lunch Box Ideas

My daughter is tired of the same ol lunches. What can I pack in her lunch...


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Crib Mobile Recommendations

Hello Moms - I am looking for a mobile for a nursery and would love some recommendations - something that sounds good, looks good, and plays music and turns the mobile for more than a couple of minutes. The nursery colors are pink and green; I would love something with flowers, birds, or butterflies. BTW - I had been thinking of making my own mobile to hang from the ceiling, but am concerned that the legnth of the strings could be a huge hazard if the mobile falls. Anyone have experience with homemade mobiles? Thanks!

Musical Toys

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My Daughter Wants to Play an Instrument?

Hello lady's ok here is my issue my kindergartner wants to play an instrument, I am ok with that but what should I pick for her we don't have room for a piano and I want something that she wont get bored with I am not into quitting. When we start u finish! I would hope that she could keep it up and use it to pursue her education. I know thats far away but hey I can hope. SO any advice would help thanks!


First Real Guitar

DS is 5. He has a toy guitar. My father would like to pay for a real one....

Outdoor Toys

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Toys for 18 Month Old

Does anyone know of attention holding toys for 18 month olds? My daughter does not seem to be interested in ANY of her toys (and she is not lacking too much). She likes to color, push her shopping cart, and loves anything with button to push (that make noise). However besides that, nothink seems to hold her interest. She has always loved books, but lately she wont even touch them. She would literally watch Elmo all day if I let her. We turn off the tv, but then she just seems to wander around like shes bored. I recently bought her a pretend...

Play Structures

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Swing Set or Sandbox?

Hi! We recently moved and were looking to add something to the backyard for our kids, ages two and five. We have a smallish backyard and currently have a Little Tikes playhouse and climbing/slide structure, which I'm and they're happy with. They love sandboxes, so I was initially thinking of adding one (w/ a cover), but some family members, including my husband, think a swing set would be more useful. I know there are some that even come with sandboxes. My hesitation is that we may only be in this house for five years and because my...


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Just Curious - When Was Your Child Able to Do a Jigsaw Puzzle?

I don't mean anything big or complicated (like, 500 or 1000 pieces)...I mean, the simple starter ones that are like 24 pieces. We have one that my 3.5 year old DD wants to do again and again, but she needs help every time. She got it for her 3rd birthday and I don't mind doing it with her (though it is one of those things that has gotten mind-numbingly tedious and boring - the sacrifices we make for our children!) but it seems like she still can't figure out how to fit the pieces together to make the picture, or know which piece she needs...

Rattles & Teethers

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My Daughter Hates Her Teethers

my daughter is a little over 5 months old, for the past month or so she has been furiously chomping away on her fingers. She will chomp down so hard sometimes she will cry.. and its been happening more frequently lately. The first teether i bought her was a round silicone ring that had nubs that stuck out of it, they all had different feels to them -one had small bumps on it, one has a zigzag pattern, one is smooth and the other has a swirl pattern.. well no matter what side she used she hated it. Then i bought her one of those foot...


BPA Free Teethers?

Hi, with all the scare about BPA should I be looking for BPA free teether...

Stuffed Toys

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What to Do with Stuffed Animals

We are moving and my daughter has a ton of stuffed animals that I don't know what to do with. Throwing them away just seems like such a waste, but I don't know if anyone will take them as a donation since they are used. Anyone have any ideas??

Toy Trains

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Little Girl Who Loves Thomas the Tank Engine NOT Baby Dolls or Princesses

I need a little "Mommy Wisdom". Our daughter is two and a half and loves to read, play with stuffed animals, and adores Thomas the Tank Engine. She was introduced to Thomas by chance. She noticed a book at the library lying on the table and we read it. She has been hooked ever since. She has a small train set and adores playing with it, reading the Thomas books, and seeing the occasional Thomas video. All was great until she was invited to a neighbor's 3rd birthday party. It was Princess Extravaganza party which was lovely. Of...

Vintage & Collectibles

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Question About a Toy

So, my mother sent us a care package for Halloween. She included a couple of little toys, called Squinkies. They are both CARS 2 versions, a 4 pack with a ramp. My son loves anything CARS, but when I gave them to him he wasn't that impressed. They are these tiny little rubber figurines that you put into a plastic ball and roll down a small ramp. So, do your kids have Squinkies? Are these a popular toy now in the States? We don't have anything like this in the toy stores here in Japan. We have several big Toys R Us here in our...


Toy Storage Issues

I would like to know what other moms do about toys like Legos and other...


Timeless Toy Ideas

Hi there, For those with older elementary school aged children, have...

Wooden Toys

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Best Wooden Toys and Playroom Furniture?

Hello, I'm in search of a good quality wooden toys (for boy and girl, roughly toddler/ preschooler age), I live in CA but haven't really been able to find a decent selection online (I have one local store) so I would be interested in buying online. I see a lot of European toys (haba, brio, etc) but what exactly do you and your children like? What are the wooden toys you have OR recomend? Have you found a place to order online? Also, where have you purchased from furniture for your playroom/ playing area? Looking forward to see...