Think Its Time to Go Buy Some Teethers??

Updated on November 01, 2012
S.E. asks from Caldwell, NJ
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i have a couple of questions here.. First, is drooling really a sign of teething? My cousins 5month old just got his second tooth and we were talking about him teething and she said that what made her first notice it was he started to drool alot out of nowhere, he was never really a drooler and then all of a sudden he was drooling all the time. I noticed about 2 weeks ago my daughter being pretty drooly lol (she never was before- she turned 3 month old about a week ago) Now a while ago she started sucking on her hands.. but iv noticed lately that shes not sucking on them, shes more biting on them. She sticks her 4 fingers in her mouth and just chomps down on them. Yesterday she bit down on them so hard she screamed. And its a constant thing, if shes awake and not eating she has her hand or whatever she can reach, her blanky, a toy, in her mouth and is chomping on it. Iv tried giving her her binky but she just spits it right out and goes for her hand. So the drooling and the hand biting got me thinking maybe she could possibly be teething. I origionally assumed that wasnt something we had to worry about yet since my fiance and i were both on the late side as far as getting our teeth as babies, but latley ive been thinking it very well could be teething. I let her chomp on my finger but i dont feel anything going on with her gums.. they dont look white or anything.. but honestly this is all new to me so i really dont know. My fiance swares that he can feel a hard-ish spot but on her top gums not the bottom (hmm.. always thought they got bottom teeth first?) So im not really sure? teething, yes or no? .. i need to go grocery shopping later, im thinking of just buying come kind of teether just in case and see if she lieks it
--any suggestions on teethers, are any better than others... ive heard good things about the razberry one ive seen in babies r us

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes get teethers.
Mine was never a drooler then all of a sudden started drooling at 4 mos.
Asked the ped if he could be teething, he said no. Boom, 2 weeks later
his first 2 teeth emerged at 4 1/2. Crazy.
So I went by my instincts.
I got him teethers (which he didn't use right away but later on he did!
Note: get the flattest ones you can find. Some are too puffy & they can't
get their mouths open wide enough to use.
Then I started w/Hylands teething tablets. That helped.
I, also, rubbed Baby Orajel on his gums. That helped, too.
When he started having serious pain, I gave infant Tylenol.
For the molars, I used infant Motrin.

I, also, got those teething nets on a ring for babies. They help w/the pain
if you put frozen fruits in them. My baby didn't like them to be too cold

I was told to dip a baby wash cloth in cold water & tive the baby the tip to suck on. That helped him, too. Try it all.

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answers from Columbus on

Babies will chew on anything when teething. I do agree with something flat however the texture will soothe them too. I dont recommend orajel because it will make their poor little gums tougher. I have heard whiskey will softn them but just put a little on your finger and rub their gums (I have heard that from a lot of parents that are my parent's age. It didnt hurt us at all!). That will be my go to when my little one starts teething. and the razberry bink for the texture of it. We had one kid at the child care center that loved his gums just being rubbed. It is really what your baby thinks is soothing...

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yup, it's time for teethers! They start the drooling and chewing on everything months before the first tooth actually appears. Your cousin's son is getting teeth super early!

Here is an awesome teether:
It has five different textures for her to chew on, so it feels good in their mouths. It also has a soothing, light vanilla scent. The small loop at the end makes it easy to attach to the car seat, high chair, stroller, etc so it's not constantly falling on the ground. You can put it in the freezer if she likes it cold.



answers from Dallas on

Babies explore everything through their mouth. That's why when she could maneuver her hand to her mouth she is mouthing it. Most likely she is not teething yet. She will spit out the tether the same as a pacifier. Tethers are pretty much a waste of money. A cold wash wet wash cloth works just as well. Her hand is what is calming her now and that's fine, no finding the binky in the middle of the night. They can get either the top or bottom teeth first. Drooling can be a sign of teething but I would look for other signs with it like being cranky and it will be much more obvious that teeth are under the gums. Keep enjoying your baby but you are not to that teething stage yet!



answers from Washington DC on

I heard wonderful things about Sophie the Giraffe. They are $25 a piece and I needed two. I found a smaller version of Sophie for $12 a piece and my boys love it. It is their go to chew toy for the past 5 months.

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