Powdered Milk

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Powdered Milk

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

Is there anything wrong with giving my one-year old powdered milk? And the box says use COLD water...but can I use semi-warm water instead if I'm creating the milk s...


Liquid Formula vs Powdered

S.D. asks from Portland

Can anyone tell me if liquid enfamil formula is equally as good in nutrients etc as the powdered version. I have only used powdered but someone offred me some free l...


Nutramigen Ready to Feed or Powdered....

Y.T. asks from Houston

IS NUTRAMIGEN LIQUID DIFFERENT FROM NUTRAMIGEN POWDER? My 1 month old son has acid reflux so spitt up and gas are a Huge deal in my house. Her pedi just switched h...


What to Do with Powdered Coffee Creamer

F.M. asks from San Antonio

My local grocery store often has "deals" where you buy this and get these two items free. Well this week, buy my regular coffee I always buy, get a giant container o...


Powdered Vs. Liquid Formula

A.M. asks from Lakeland

Hi Everyone, I have a 3 month old baby who is having some feeding issues. From birth he has had acid reflux and he has been on medication for it for about a month...


Powdered Formula Question

C.U. asks from Chicago

We were using the ready to feed Similac until this week, it is just getting too expensive. We have switched to the powdered, but I feel like it is impossible to get ...


Can You Mix Powdered Formula with Warm Water Out of the Faucet?

N.N. asks from Dallas

I am breastfeeding but am going to need to occasionally supplement with a couple of ounces or formula. Can you mix the powdered formula with water right out of the t...


Switching to Powdered Formula

K.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 week old was originally breastfed, and we have had to stop and slowly put him on formula (Enfamil). For a while he was on breastmilk and liquid formula, so that ...


Water Used to Mix with Powdered Formula

V.S. asks from Chicago

What kind of water are you supposed to use to mix with powdered formula? Purified? Distilled? ?? My husband bought distilled...is this ok? It is at room temp...we'...


What Type of Water to Mix with Powdered Formula?

C.F. asks from Chicago

Hello! I'm currently expecting my first and plan to use powdered formula. What type of water should/can I use to mix with the formula? I've heard that nursery wa...