Powdered Milk

Updated on December 20, 2008
M.H. asks from Minneapolis, MN
10 answers

Is there anything wrong with giving my one-year old powdered milk? And the box says use COLD water...but can I use semi-warm water instead if I'm creating the milk serving by serving?

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answers from Bismarck on

First of all...powdered milk tastes awful!!! And there has been some very recent health scares with powdered milk and melamine (the poisonous protein from China), I would be too nervous to give it to my child. I don't think there's any specific contraindication to giving powdered milk though. If you can afford a good hormone-free organic fresh milk, that is what my preference would be. Also, you can still give him formula, they have the higher calcium formula for babies 9 months and up.

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answers from Davenport on

should be fine as long as it's whole milk powder. Warm water is fine, heat it in the microwave, though, you shouldn't use warm tap water because it contains more contaminates. It will probably dissolve better in warm water anyway.



answers from Minneapolis on

I gave my kids powder milk at that age. They liked it. I am not sure if using warm water instead of cold would do anything to the milk it self. It could make it harder to mix. If so just warm it up after its mixed.



answers from Rapid City on

If you are going to use it, you need to make very sure that he is getting plenty of fat in his diet from another source. They need the fats for brain development. Most doctors would probably tell you to just use whole milk.



answers from Minneapolis on

As far as mixing with cold vs. warm water, I've used some powdered milk that doesn't dissolve in warm/hot water, only in cold. So, as long as it's dissolving well and not getting all clumpy, I can't see any reason not to use warm water.



answers from Green Bay on

it's always best to use cold water because the hot line usually has rust or lead in it - disuse or from heatng process i can't remember- which can interfere with vtamin and nutrient absorbtion



answers from Duluth on

I'm not terribly familiar w/powdered milk, although my mom made it for us my entire childhood. Just be sure that it's "whole" milk, as your baby needs the calories and nutrients at 1 year old. (Or 2% if your doctor says.) I guess I wasn't aware that powdered milk came in a whole milk version. You could also call your pediatrician to check, if you still want to make sure.



answers from Madison on

You might want to rethink the heating up part, though. Studies have shown it is safer to heat water on the stove than it is to zap it in the microwave. At least, I know they say you shouldn't cook food in the micro; the magnetic energy fields (or whatever it is the microwave uses to heat up stuff) tend to leach most of the good nutrients out of the food. Or, so I've heard.

I've gotten away from using the microwave quite a bit and try to use the stove or oven to heat things up. Some say a small convection oven is better to use, also.

My two cents.



answers from Minneapolis on

You can give your 1 year old powdered milk. Not sure about the mixing part but I would think warm water would be fine.

As a side note. The reason your not supposed to heat childrens food in the microwave is because it doesn't heat evenly. There can be spots that feel cool and spots that will burn your childs mouth. I took a food science class in college and I don't remember the food loseing nutrients from this type of cooking. Microwaves cook by vibrating the water molicules in food. The molicules move fast enough that they get hot and cook everything. It is much like steaming but faster.



answers from Milwaukee on

I don't think so but just so you know I think most powdered milk is skim milk based. They recomment whole milk for babies until at least 2 or even longer if they are lower weight. Also if a baby is one there is no reason for warm milk it can be cold.

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