Warm Milk for Sleeping for Adults

Updated on May 29, 2012
M.S. asks from New York, NY
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I am having a hard time sleeping at night. I keep waking up in a panic state. My husband is deployed right now so I am chalking it up to stress. I am looking for some things that will help me sleep without having to take sleeping aides.

I hear warm milk is good for relaxing. But just plain warm milk sounds gross to me. Could i make a warm chocolate milk.. light on the chocolate... or something like that? What do you put in your milk?

Also any other ideas would be great other than milk. Thanks :)

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So What Happened?

Thank you all. I have tried warm milk with a bit of vanilla and splenda. Also taking a warm bath and not watching tv or the computer righ before bed. It is has helped some. But I am still having some problems. I have ordered a relaxing yoga dvd and i plan to add that to my night time routine. Thanks for all the advice!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Avoid sugar and caffeine.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps you sleep. Very natural and non-habit forming. Most people do not even need to take a full tablet. My son's ped recommended it for him and it is wonderful. My step mom also uses it.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I agree with the other recommendations for Melatonin. If you can fall asleep fine then maybe take it right before bed so it lasts later into the night.

Before I flavored milk with those coffee/drink flavor things, I can't think of the brand but it's the kind they use at a coffee joint. It's like a flavored syrup. Heating milk in a saucepan helps it heat evenly.

Thank you to your husband, you and your family for your sacrifices! I can't imagine the stress you're going through. It may be worth it to talk to someone about it. Fixing the problem, not the symptom may be worth it in the end :)

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answers from Boston on

There is a Celestial Seasonings tea called Sleepytime Extra. It has chamomile and mint and the "extra" is a tiny bit of valerian root. It gives me a bit of a drowsy feeling. I actually make it into ice tea since drinking warm tea makes me need to pee an hour later, but cold drinks do not have that effect. My mom used to take Valerian capsules (powdered root in gelatin capsules) to help calm her nerves so she could sleep. The stuff smells AWFUL but it works very well. Most health food stores should have it, and I have ordered Valerian Capsules from Amazon.com before. Melatonin was recommended by our pediatrican for my daughter and while it worked well for falling asleep, it gave her very vivid dreams.
Warm milk with sugar is what my mom used to give us, but it does nothing for me now as an adult.
Depending on your age, you may simply be experiencing menopause symptoms. I wake up at about 3 AM most nights with a pounding heart and feeling sweaty, but it is because I am 51. Since I know it is menopause, I just repeat a word that means nothing after a while (salamander works for me) while breathing out, and then count to 4 or 5 breathing in slowly, then out again while saying sa-la-man-der slowly in my mind. After about 5 or more repetitions my heart calms back down and I can pull the cover back over me.
Good luck with everything, and thanks for your and your husband's sacrifice so we can be free, especially this Memorial Day weekend.

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answers from Seattle on

Yep. Hot chocolate (milk & syrup) is great. So is warm vanilla milk (aka vanilla steamer). So are orgasms. Use those stress chemicals to your benefit. It's a PTSD trick that sounds like the worst idea ever when you're in a panic... But if you can convince yourself, it's a great soporific.



answers from Los Angeles on

warm milk=a sprinkle of nutmeg works like a charm!! we used it with our youngest baby when she was having sleep issues ;)


answers from Washington DC on

milk is good. a little chocolate is good.
sleepytime tea is da bomb!



answers from Detroit on

I'm not big on warm milk either, but I used to love warm milk with some almond extract and I think I put in a bit of honey too. (Just don't drink a lot or you'll end up waking up for a bathroom break too.) Chocolate has some caffeine in it, so I would skip that.

I must add, I used this to fall asleep, but it doesn't sound like you're having a problem with that? If your problem is staying asleep and you're right, it does sound stress related, I think you need to address your fears instead. Good luck.


answers from Norfolk on

Warm milk can help you fall asleep.
I'm not sure it'll help you stay asleep.
I'm not crazy about plain milk myself, but there's no reason you can't flavor it any way you like.
I found a recipe awhile ago which is pretty good:


Sometimes I'm not in the mood for sweet, and then I'll add 1 pat of butter and a little salt to the milk and then it tastes like soup to me.

Other things that can help you sleep:



answers from Minneapolis on

Yes, warm milk is good and a little chocolate wouldn't hurt.

Then there's my mom's remedy - for colds, sore throats, stuffed heads, or sleeplessness caused by anxiety. Mix in a small glass - A shot of brandy/whiskey, a bit of hot water, a spoonful of honey, and a squirt of lemon juice - stir and drink. It works for me every time.

Also, are you getting regular exercise? Exercise, not too late in the day, helps me sleep through the night better. It sounds like you are having some anxiety, and exercise is especially good for treating anxiety.

Read the book "SPARK: The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain" for proven evidence that 30 mins of vigorous exercise a day is as effective against anxiety as the most regularly prescribed anti-anxiety medications.


answers from Lansing on

I drink chai tea latte at night to help me relax! It's in the tea section of your store and it comes in a packet, its a powder you can add to water or milk. I warm up the milk, add the packet and it is so delicious. Better than the stuff you get at Starbucks! Or try chamomille tea! Good Luck and God Bless your family during this time!



answers from Abilene on

You might try a P.M. yoga video before bed. This always helps me. God bless your husband for serving our country. I know this must be stressful for you. Thanks for being a military wife.

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