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Drinking Milk

J.K. asks from St. Louis

My 17 mo old daughter refuses to drink milk. I have tried every kind of whole milk you can think of. Organic, Oberweis, all name brands and I have even added water to...


Milk Advice

N.N. asks from Fresno

I am looking at a trip that is longer than my ability to pre-pump and provide breast milk for my 8 month, 2 wk old daughter. I realize that formula is the recommended...


Soy Milk

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

a little background.... i breastfed my now 2 year old up until recently.i had to give it up due to my health or i might not have quite yet.she has never had a bott...


Goats Milk???

K.G. asks from Denver

Hello everyone! I have exclusively fed my 4 month old son breastmilk since he was born. Today I am in a bind and need to have another option as I am totally out of s...


Soy Milk

N.W. asks from Detroit

I was just reading responses to another question and saw some concerning things regarding soy formula and milk. The following URL was referred to. http://www.weston...


Milk Supply

M.M. asks from Chicago

I have an 11 week old baby and just returned to work last week. My son only drinks the pumped milk from my breast and I also supplement with formula. Since my return ...


Too Early for Milk?

C.N. asks from Toledo

Hi ladies, I was wondering, my son who is almost 9 months, ( and over 22 lbs) is not wanting to nurse anymore except for at nap time and at bed time. I wanted to giv...


Milk Allergy

L.B. asks from Little Rock

My son could not handle his formula when he was born. So they put him on Nutramagin. When he got on that he was wonderful. When he turned 12 months we tried putting h...


When Does Your Milk Come In?

L.U. asks from Seattle

Hi moms. Quick question. I am a third time mom and can NOT for the life of me remember when your milk comes in?! It wasn't a big deal with my first two boys, they ...


Making Goat Milk Better?

G.Y. asks from Phoenix

I am in the SLOW process of trying to ween my son from breast milk. He has an allergy to cows milk, and it was suggested that I give him goats milk. The problem is ...