Powdered Milk: Older Child

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Water Used to Mix with Powdered Formula

V.S. asks from Chicago

What kind of water are you supposed to use to mix with powdered formula? Purified? Distilled? ?? My husband bought distilled...is this ok? It is at room temp...we'...


Milk Subsitutes

C.C. asks from Spokane

I recently determined that my little Ben is allergic to milk. It seems like he's had a runny nose as long as I can remember =0( But I recently stopped giving him milk...


Soy Milk

C.L. asks from Knoxville

I am 28 weeks pregnant and I cannot stand cows milk I havent ever liked it even since I was a kid but I do like the silk soy milk to drink and I know that you need c...


Drinking Milk

J.K. asks from St. Louis

My 17 mo old daughter refuses to drink milk. I have tried every kind of whole milk you can think of. Organic, Oberweis, all name brands and I have even added water to...


Milk Allergy

A.C. asks from Chicago

Hello! We recently learned that my 2-year old son has a milk allergy. He has had a very difficult transition to a non-dairy diet. He has always been a picky eater,...


6 Year Old Daughter with Chronic Ear Eczema

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi- My nearly 6 year old daughter has had chronic eczema behind her ear since she was 3 years old. We have tried many approaches to heal it: homeopathy (myself throug...


Recommendations for Milk - Switching from Formula

D.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter will soon be one and we will be switching her over from formula to milk. I've started doing research regarding the best type of milk to give her. I do n...


Question About "Milk Substitutes"

R.M. asks from Fresno

I was wondering about soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk. Are these ok to give to an 11-month old? I know that it is said to not give cow's milk till 1 year or late...


Milk Allergy Symptoms?

J.L. asks from Seattle

For those of you who's kids are allergic/sensitive to milk, what were their symptoms? My daughter is 13 months and we are close to completing the transition from f...


Milk and Egg Allergy.

D.F. asks from St. Louis

I've just started watching alittle boy. He's allergic to ALL milk products and Eggs. I never realized how much of the food out there is prepared with milk and eggs in...