Managing Debt

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Debt Consolidation

T.F. asks from St. Louis

Just wondering if anyone has had good luck with a Consumer credit consolidation. I am thinking about consolidating my credit cards to try to reduce our debt.I am not ...


Credit Card Debt Needing Advice

T.P. asks from Kansas City

Hello. I'm a single mom who is currently not receiving any support from the father. Due to the legal battle we have gone through this last year, I have acquired app...


Debt Consolidation

J.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, Does anyone know of a good company to go through to clean up credit?? There are so many out I have no idea which one to choose! Any help would be grea...


How to Reduce Debt

P.H. asks from Louisville

Has anyone ever called the credit card company and made a deal to pay it off for a lesser amount? I have been told it can be done, but am not sure if it really works...


Debt Help!!

J.M. asks from Wichita

HELP!!! I need some advise on how to get the bills paid and still have money left after I get paid. There just seems to be more bills than money.


Advice Needed for Minimizing Small Business Debt

M.D. asks from St. Louis

I left the corporate world and decided to make my own job after my whole department was laid off. I worked in Aviation for nearly 15 years. I seemed to be lucky eno...


Anyone Use One of Those National Debt Consolidators?

J.T. asks from New York

A very good friend is heavily indebted. I'm not sure how much but she's a spender and what they really need is Dave Ramsey from what everyone here says about it but ...


Husband's Self-employment and Debt Has Me Stressed Out

L.K. asks from Springfield

This is a really long story, but I will try to shorten it. My husband opened a small, local business about 4 years ago when our first son wasn't even crawling yet. I ...


I"m DEBT Free..Not! I Need Your Advice Again!

A.P. asks from Houston

Okay so I am trying to do the Dave Ramsey money makeover online. I didn't take the class, just saw him here in houston and listen to him on the radio. I want to be ...


Major Debt Considering Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

G.M. asks from Tampa

When I married my husband he had a TON of debt. My mother and I (best friends) assumed it in our credit cards. We are now in the difficult situation of being 141K in...