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Updated on March 25, 2008
N.K. asks from Clinton Township, MI
4 answers

Has anyone ever done debt management before?

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answers from Saginaw on

Hello N. , This is what I do from home and love it ... I help other families across the USA and I make money while my little ones are at school or playin with dad so check it out and have a great day C.



answers from Kalamazoo on

Yes, I have. What company are you looking at? I have a good company,,, I pay them 1 payment once a month,, they made all the calls to my creditors, lowered my interest rates,, and arranged a payment plan. There is a fee,,, but it's worth it.
Let me know if I can help, J.
P.S. They do close the accounts, and as far as I know it hasn't effected my credit.



answers from Detroit on

I used Consumer Credit Counseling(The company is now called Greenpath Debt Solutions) when I had trouble with debt and they were awesome. I had too many credit cards and never could get them all paid on time. Be prepared to get rid of all your credit cards though,they ask that you cut them up when you begin the program. It took me 3 years but I paid off every single one. My credit is now fantastic and I have learned that one credit card with a low balance is all you need.



answers from Detroit on

HI N.,

I work with Primerica Financial Services. We are not a bankruptcy agency or a credit counseling company. What we do is a free financial needs analysis for families and help them get out of debt and financially independent. We look at your monthly bills, your income, and really your entire financial state and put together a plan to pay off your bills without having to resort to bankruptcy or anything that would have a negative effect on your credit. We do debt consolidation through various means. Let me know if you would be interested.


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