Managing Debt

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Need Help with Debt

L.L. asks from Tulsa

I got into debt when I first turned 18. It has gradually gotten worse over that past 5 years. I am trying to pay it off right now, but I have a 3 mth old baby. What I...


Debt Consolidation Possibilities

O.S. asks from Birmingham

Loans to consolidate credit card balances are especially hard to find right now but I desperately want to do this to stop the revolving credit and get out from under ...


Debt Collectors Calling for a Minor?

E.D. asks from Seattle

My three year old (four soon!!!) niece has lived with us for 11 1/2 months now. Before that, she and her mother, my sister, were living with my mom. They lived ther...


Need Advice on Getting Out of Debt

H.M. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I have hit rock bottom, I don't know what to do. We are about to lose our house and car and I'm afraid then we'll lose my 2 stepsons too. We owe almost...


Know Any Good Debt Consolidation Companies?

K.S. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone knew of or used a reputable debt consolidation or debt solution type of company. I would be greeatful for any help. Thank you


Contact with Debt Collectors

S.M. asks from State College

I recently went through the file labeled "DEBT" in my cabinet. Several of them were from banks with overdue balance, which I think I can work out fairly easily since...


My Debt Was Sent to a Collections Lawyer

A.W. asks from Sumter

I got out of the Air Force early and owed back part of my bonus. We did not have the money to pay it back and I asked for a 6 month extension on payments so that for ...


Debt Consolidation- Advice Please :-)

S.B. asks from Gainesville

Hello ladies. I am trying to figure out this whole debt consolidation and whether or not it's good or bad. It seems some people are adamant about it being a horrible ...


Dog Troubles and Debt

L.B. asks from New York

Some of you may have read my previous post about dealing with debt, this post relates to our debt. Our beautiful dog has been a part of our family for the past 5 yea...


Alone and Dealing with Debt.

J.V. asks from New York

I have incurred some serious debt over the past two years due to some major life changes. My daughter is 29 and she is my only family. I have no one to talk to about ...